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looking for, well looking for a teamplayer(s)

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looking for, well looking for a teamplayer(s)

Lukasius's Avatar

02.23.2020 , 10:55 AM | #1
A very long time ago, i played SWToR, then i stopped, due to the loss of friends playing it as well. I like the game, does not matter, if in english or german to me. i like playing together, playing only solo is boring over time, but playing in guild well it is a different thing. Guilds have expectations, either that you are online multiple time, that you are raid enabled, that you teamspeak, that you have discord, that you ...... The list can be endless, like the universe.

I played in a guild, it broke appart, i played then again in a guild, it raided, broke appart.
the excuses are also a universe distance long.

then i stopped, i was sad, noone enjoyed the game anymore like i did for a long time. my goal and most fun was and is, to play characters up to max level, to play storyline to talk about the game, to talk about the character, you / i currently play. Simple to have some fun. But time is of the essence. I am an older generation, i do not always have time to play long into the night nor do i have the endurance to do this anymore.

so i mainly play on friday to saturday, one day one night, that is what i can offer, to one or up to 3 other players. to play in a team, level characters together and have some fun.

but it seems noone is interested in this kind of group play anymore. i / we played the game because, we wanted to experience it to the fullest, even if we have played all the characters already. we gave it another try and changed roles. to learn to play from the bottom up, but nowadays, noone seems to enjoy this type of play anymore.

which, i perrsonal find really sad.