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The mystery of early access

BlueSin's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 07:33 AM | #1
I know alot of you are wondering whether you will get in early. But for me, the situation is a little different. I pre-ordered my deluxe edition on Origins in the beginning of October after my first beta weekend. I got my pre-order code, applied it to my account. 2 weeks later I cancelled my pre-order with origin because I saw gamestop had collectors editions still available, the catch though was that no pre-order code was given so I was pretty much giving up early access. Regardless, I got the collectors edition but to this day that pre-order code is still attached to my account along with the goodies that came with it. So now I have a few questions that I am excited about.

I wonder if I will still get in to the early access?
If I get in to early access and create a character...when I apply my Collectors edition code will the perks pass on to the already made character with the deluxe edition? Or will I have to make a new one? All good questions, but I don't expect anybody to answer. The anticipation is killing me though so I simply had to share.