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Lost my improved class mission experience unlock.

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Lost my improved class mission experience unlock.

JDiablos's Avatar

05.09.2016 , 10:34 PM | #1
Hey all. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or me losing my mind so I wanted to canvas some of the board here. Today I was unlocking field respect etc across most of my toons and realized that my Legacy Improved Class Mission experience unlocks were showing as not purchased on most of my characters. Thing is, I remember unlocking them on every character I leveled up. Now in most cases this doesn't matter, as the character in question is done with class missions and already leveled past the point it would help. But not in all cases. I was curious if any old timers who unlocked all these are experiencing a similar problem of them now being locked, or if I'm losing my mind and never unlocked them in the first place.