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Is The Outlander (force user)/Darth Nox/Etc The most powerful force user ever?

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Is The Outlander (force user)/Darth Nox/Etc The most powerful force user ever?

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02.18.2020 , 02:16 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by adormitul View Post
Pretty sure when they talk ancient sith and jedi they are ancient by the time KOTOR is. Not SWTOR but KOTOR the jedi and sith that where ancient by the time KOTOR timeline was the present present. Think Tulak Hord ancient.
The Outlander is powerful as Darth Nox but unlike the other force classes Darth Nox is weaker then before the start of KOTFE and stays like that until now. Do you know why?
Valkorian ate his ghosts you know the ghosts who gave him tons of power and immortality. Valkorian pretty much made him weaker.
I always viewed the ghosts as a shortcut to make up for the fact that, unlike the other force using class's who trained off screen for years, the Inquisitor literally didn't start training in the force until the start of the story. Even before getting them Kallig was always stated to be incredibly powerful in terms of raw strength and potential and ended the first part of their story by giving a Darth level sith a hard fight despite having had something like a year of training by that point (though in the end they did indeed lose and needed Khem to save them). But by the current day they have had several more years to train and had access to many ancient sith secrets to learn from thanks to their dark council resources so they have had time to catch up with the other classes at their plateaus of power even without the ghosts (also, they probably got some other extra benefits from having their body rebuilt besides being a better ghost cage on top of having more time to get good). All Valkorion removing your other ghosts did was bring them back down to the level of the other force users, not take them from being even and drop them down to lower.