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Returning Shadow

Atiris's Avatar

12.03.2016 , 11:57 AM | #1
Hello peeps,

I'm returning to the game for the new expansion and have decided to level my Jedi Shadow (the only character non-boosted I have pass 65). What I am wondering is the status of this class as a whole? I use to PvP specifically, but I'm thinking of transitioning to PvE, but I'd still like to know their PvP status right now with 5.0. I also have never really tanked PvE, my only exposure to Kinetic Combat was during its overpowered days back in early vanilla SWTOR, but I am interested in exploring it. I just can't decide if I wanna do DPS shadow or tank shadow.

Greezt's Avatar

12.03.2016 , 02:29 PM | #2
Disclaimer - this is my opinion and cannot be held against me as fact.

Serenity - Lost a lost of objective potential compared to 4.0 with the loss of phasewalk. Gained some desperately needed AoE DR and survivability via the new utilities, and a very slight buff to single target pressure (irrelevant). It plays like a melee pressure spec that can deal some slight damage from range (PvP only), and is decent at it. I don't see any reason to take it to either PvP or PvE when there are other DoTspecs that outperform it and when infiltration is as good as it is right now.

It's still my favorite, though.

Infiltration - Lost a whole bunch of what made it so much fun in PvP, I feel. No phasewalk, no mind crush, no blackout... It plays pretty much as you'd expect a straightforward burst spec to (say, a concentration sentinel). Lots of passive/rotational DR, no force management problems whatsoever (you can throw saber strike off your bar, it's useless now) and some nice control with low slash and utilities. It'll probably be nerfed a bit, it honestly needs it. If you want to enjoy it before the nerf, take it to PvP and have fun wrecking people.

Kinetic combat - might be the best tank for PvP, and maybe PvE too (I don't know). The spec lost a bit of utility and cool combos thanks to the removal of phasewalk (a pattern emerges here...) but gained in other regions, such as how deflection now reduces force/tech damage. With the right utilities it is possibly the tankiest of the three options, and still has a KB/pull/spinning kick to give it a lot of control.

In short, I think at least two of the specs are in a great spot and all three are viable for PvP.

Lium's Avatar

12.11.2016 , 12:53 AM | #3
Just started playing my shadow again since 5.0. I really don't like that they took away a lot of what made Serenity more of a caster/melee hybrid. The took away project and replaced it with squelch. And they just straight up took away telekinetic throw, which is a real bummer.

It's still a pretty strong spec, but I originally rolled one because I wanted a caster/melee class. And that's pretty much gone now. The only real caster/melee in the game are operatives.