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Please change "Renewing Darkness" utility point

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Please change "Renewing Darkness" utility point

La_Frite's Avatar

12.13.2016 , 02:37 PM | #1
I'm a PVP player and i think the mechanic of Renewing Darkness utility is clunky at many points: for example
1) 10 seconds after vanishing, it forces you to exit from stealth to maximize the self-healing (from 20% to 40% hp).
2) If you are tanking an ally, you must remove your protection to profit of that self-healing, and during 10 seconds you can't help your mates.

Renewing Darkness isn't attractive. I asked many level 70 Assassins PVPers and no one uses that utility point, they answered me "it's totally useless, I prefer vanish, then Force Speed and use out of combat regen".

Dev need to rework that utility point with an instant 40% hp healing or find an other self healing mechanic.

What is your opinion about Renewing Darkness?

La_Frite's Avatar

12.15.2016 , 05:24 PM | #2
New idea for "Renewing Darkness" utility point:
All healing effects from Overcharge Saber are increased by 100%. Additionaly, each use of Ball Lightning, Eradicate and Wither heals you for 4% of your maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 9 seconds.

Actually, I think the healing from Overcharge Saber is laughable, and that idea could change it as a decent self-heal.

La_Frite's Avatar

12.16.2016 , 04:16 AM | #3
My last idea for "Renewing Darkness", it is an enhanced version of the original utility point:

"Renenwing Darkness":
When entering stealth with Force Cloak, immediately restore X% (ex: 25%) of your maximum health and generate Y (ex: 5) stacks of Renewing Darkness. Whenever you take direct damage a stack of Renewing Darkness is consumed to heal you for Z% (ex: 5%) of your maximum health.

The pros of this new "Renewing Darkness" give you a real up in term of survivabilty:
1) You don't need to break your stealth to maximize the self healing.
2) If you are tanking, you could vanish then immediately go into fight helping your allies.
3) The Renewing Darkness stacks are permanent until they are consumed, that gives you a modified version of the Juggernaut Enraged Defense.