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New player - Looking for guild

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New player - Looking for guild

ekornaas's Avatar

01.20.2021 , 06:56 PM | #1
Im fairly No swtor, Im currently lvl71 Io mercenary.
Since im rapidly closing in on max lvl im looking for a guild to run dungeons and eventually opperations with, i might not have much experience in this game, but i have over the years completed the hardest content in other mmos such as wow and elder scrolls online. Im looking for group of People to eventually progress trough the games hardest content with.

About me: im 32 year old Norwegian engineer, im married and have children. I would preferr a more mature crowd (this is not a requirement) since im not interested in drama etc and Just want to have fun, talk ****, and progress.
Ive tried several guilds but its always the same, guild chat is empty and so is the discord.

Hopefully theres a fit out there for me.

Please excuse the typos, my norwegian autocorrect is being annoying 🙂

trooper-anni's Avatar

01.21.2021 , 02:24 AM | #2
I'm starting a new guild. I'd like to discuss the details on discord, so that you can see if it's something for you or not.
My discord is: pvtkeegan#3759

For the Empire,

ekornaas's Avatar

01.21.2021 , 08:59 AM | #3
Sent u a friend request on discord