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Scourge & Kira Issues; And Ongoing Problem With Sith Inquisitors

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Scourge & Kira Issues; And Ongoing Problem With Sith Inquisitors

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08.15.2019 , 11:34 PM | #1
All on characters leveled up from level 1. I have not started KotFE, nor skipped to KotET+, on these characters.


Scourge loses the class buffs after returning from being dismissed. Whether sent off, or when crossing in to a class story instance, I have to reapply class buffs for Scourge. Minor, but annoying. When set to heals, Scourge does most of his healing after combat ends. He's better than Kira when set to healer or tank (see below about Kira), though.


Kira is reluctant to engage in combat or heal. I primarily play DPS characters with the companion set to tank or healer. I noticed that mobs were consistently targeting my DPS even though Kira is set to tank and I send her in to initiate combat. Sometimes, combat is initiated but Kira doesn't move. Sometimes Kira moves to the mobs, but doesn't do anything afterward. I doubt that I am pulling aggro off of Kira because I'm leveling up a Sentinel and I am horrid at Sentineling. When set to healer, Kira will often try to do damage to mobs during fights and then do heals when combat ends. Whether my DPS character takes minor damage, or "oops, I didn't move out of that, there goes half my health" damage, Kira is not big with the healing until after combat ends.

Sith Inquisitor:

Ongoing problems with my Sith Inquisitors and blue clicky things. Similar to the problems mentioned in this Bug Reports thread, this time the problem occurred on Yavin 4. I was doing the Yavin 4 story arc on a Sith Inquisitor. After doing the Solo version (kill the 4, do 6 missions) after entering the instance I could not click the table. The table was blue, but not clickable. I wound up going to my Stronghold, returning to Yavin 4, and then I could click the table. Similar problem after completing the final fight of the Yavin story arc on that same SI. I could not click the shuttle to leave the area, the clicky was blue but not clickable. Again, I had to go to my Stronghold, and return, before I could use the shuttle blue clickie.

And, yes. After all the time of playing SWTOR I still do not know the name of the blue clickies.