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Arcann decision

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07.12.2018 , 11:25 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
Well, sure there is. What law was there, stating that he couldn't do what he did? What law did he break? He was ruler of a world and went about conquering other worlds.

Something the Republic and Empire like to do to each other all the time.

No one puts Saresh in jail for invading Ziost.

Some may try to call for war crimes. However, he was never part of anything to say there was that sort of thing. He was an outsider who came and conquered and people didn't like it.

If the Outlander lost, they would be the war criminal. LS or DS choices.

Still comes down to terrible dialogue choices. LS "Okay." was okay. DS "I'm evil!" was okay. They needed a LS/DS option of "You know what he did. You yourself said you'd take him down. Now you want to let him be free for killing those planets of people?"

It's why Senya's become a terrible character. She became cliche "It's not my baby's fault he's evil/did terrible things!"
As Kiesu said, he oppressed his own people and many of them wanted him gone too - but then again as the only leader, he was free to carry out whatever edicts he wanted. It's absolutely true that he wasn't breaking any laws, per se; he was an invader. That doesn't mean what he did was acceptable to the rest of the galaxy, or that they didn't have a right to try to stop him.

it still doesn't mean that anyone should let him off the hook for it all, or that the answer was to simply shrug and allow him into the Alliance. The Republic and Empire both frequently take down or imprison people from the other faction who are oppressing them or they feel are posing a threat to their people's safety.

Saresh doesn't get put in jail for Ziost, but Theron is punished for his role in it, and various acts of retribution and justice - such as Lana calling for the execution of the Republic spy -certainly do happen.

The coalition on Yavin 4 goes after Revan and the Revanites because of the potential harm they will cause to the galaxy; not acting on any laws.

On a personal level, as well, the Outlander had a call for vengeance for what Arcann did to them personally, as well as their world. In terms of perspective, the Outlander already is the war criminal, depending on which side one is on - the minute they assassinate Valkorion they become a criminal in Zakuul, and that opinion never changes for many Zakuulans even after Arcann and Vaylin are deposed.

But yeah, the choices they give are terrible. There's never a chance to call Senya out or hold her responsible for her actions, and she decides that her own needs supersede everyone else's. And the writers framed the narrative so that sympathy was directed toward Arcann more than his victims.

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07.16.2018 , 06:36 PM | #42
Always hated the execution of spies.

Lana is Sith and wouldn't likely have cared if her own spies were killed by the enemy if caught, but it always felt like the dumbest thing people could call for.

Kill the spy! You know, for doing that thing, we send people to do for us!

Then they get outraged if someone kills their people
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