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What skill build shell i take?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sage / Sorcerer
What skill build shell i take?

iArron's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 12:05 PM | #1
im a sith sorcereror level 40 and i dont know what skill build to follow what do you guys recommend?

MidichIorian's Avatar

04.26.2014 , 01:37 PM | #2
I play different things depending on the enviroment.

*PvP Normals - An effusion-madness hybrid. A lot of people play chain lightning - deathfield hybrids atm.
*Arena - Full madness or skank heals (the times I remember to respec and don't totally screw myself over by going in with my Normals build)
*Parsing - Lightning parses the highest but I'm not a fan of it in actual operations or when solo PvE'ing
*Operations - Full madness, the 2-point set bonus really help with force management but it's manageable either way and you don't drop as much as full Lightning when you have to move.

That said, it's never a bad thing to learn full Lightning because madness is something you can pick up in 10 seconds.

neijas's Avatar

04.28.2014 , 04:48 AM | #3
Don't you lack burst with full madness in rated?

I went hybrid explicitly for rated due to lack of burst and survivability when i returned after a break of one year and noticed my former madness build wasn't good anymore.