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03.31.2020 , 11:12 PM | #1
I have had a couple people suggest I attempt to bring up issues again, with mr musco absent. Here goes yet another hopeless attempt at garnering attention.

To make it clear: I approve of the new story direction and my opinion on the kp farm was that it was nice while it lasted.

Now on to the issues:

First my personal biggest peeve: the new scaling in operations.
The concept is silly. The obvious point of ops right now is for level 75 toons downscaled to 70 to get level 75 rewards. And by the way it's still bugged, either change the gf to 70 or deal with the fact you cant get in at 50, and would probably be one shot if you could. The concept was absurd from the beginning. You either can create enough new content to have a max level endgame, or you cant. In your case, you can't. Which was why everything was rescaled to begin with. But now, you've gotten so pathetic that rescaling everything is too hard too. Frankly, if that's the case, you shouldnt have bothered raising the cap.

Given how much you like adding gear between expansion anyway as a substitute for actual content or to essentially force people to do your new content to call it a success, why bother raising the cap when you couldnt raise the ops level?

Second: gearing.
Too random. Sorry but adding new sets that are bis and exclusive to MM dxun is stupid, when as say, a PvPer, bis does affect me too. I dare you to pvp in 270 gear with bolster and see how you do.

Make a vendor to trade some of the stupid mods for good ones. Any set you add should be added to the vendor too.

Amplifiers are still a stupid concept just like they were a year ago or whenever you announced them.

That brings me to 3. Credit sinks.
These have failed miserably. Time to admit it and move on to helping the majority of us who didnt exploit.

Next 4. Crafting
Still ridiculously expensive for not being able to actually craft much except a few key items

Which was of course on purpose because of point 3.

I feel ignored and taken advantage of as a long time subscribing player. I pay you to keep the lights on for the on again off again people. And what do I get? Ignored so you can break conquest yet again. What am I supposed to do when you decide new cq is too easy and nerf it? I pretty much play just for cq now since you chased most of my guild off and my schedule in conjunction with the fact I have no patience for the average player of this game makes rebuilding next to impossible. (I.e. I value quality over quantity).

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04.02.2020 , 10:02 AM | #2
You are 10000% on the right about Operations being intended for max level. Retrospectively in guilds it was the promise of activities with your character past the story. They along with other activities were a kind of reward basket you got for getting to the very end. Flashpoints like Lost Island were reserved for higher level/better geared players.

Fast forward to now and we have conquest guilds farming the npc's in front of Karagaas Palace.
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04.03.2020 , 05:41 PM | #3
Don't forget the Renown. The Conquest wasn't much better, but at least we'd occasionally get something useful out of the crates. Now it's just the same junk over and over again that I have a ton of already. I destroy everything without thinking. I liked getting the comp gifts and the occasional boost. The comp gifts were why I ground up to 300 on a few toons in the first place. Now, I have no reason to care about renown rank :/
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04.03.2020 , 07:14 PM | #4
Credit sinks are too much.

I'd like them to revisit some of the gear sets and make them useful, same with tacticals. Try to make it so they all are useful or fun to play with.

Right now, the best tacticals are known and used per spec and class just like there is one best gear set to use while the rest are so subpar they don't interest people in using them.

Adjust operatives. They are so overtuned in PVP right now, it's shameful. There's no way a BW employee ever tested these changes they added to the operative class they are so out of whack rofl. They always had superb survivability and it's only been increased? Makes sense! Not. I am being sarcastic, in case it's missed. This class rolls around impervious to damage now all the while pounding out massive bursts of damage themselves. **** operatives. They need to get hit with the nerf bat into irrelevancy.
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04.04.2020 , 02:18 PM | #5
I couldn't agree more with everything you just said. As much as I like Onslaught it just isn;t long enough. I don;t know why they didn't incorporate the daily mission into the story to make the story longer because 3 hours to 3.5 hours just isn't enough story. As much as I was happy with getting Kira and Scourge leaving in on that cliff hanger was completely stupid. They should of concluded it rescuing or how ever Bioware planned for that to end. With no expansion coming out this year and having to wait until 2021 for the more story seems to much to ask or a bridge to far.

Plus with the global pandemic right now I guarantee the road map is chucked out the window. Honeslty bioware please start charging for expansions. I subbed to wow and paid for BFA it's really not a big deal if it means you can deliver on far more story content. Seriously these little patches of story here and there don;t justify a sub to be honest. I haven't checked my sub time but i'm not sure I will continue with the stat of things. I say that but there are reasons I have subbed almost continuously since Jan. 2012. I almost feel like another story patch of onslaught's size has to come out this year with a bug expansion next year players will be left throwing their hands up in the air and like what the hell is going on here?

Anyways, i feel crafting needs to be simplified I know right, i know some people want it more difficult but I don;t like to craft 10 of 4 different assembly components to craft one thing and have to spend 100's of thousand of credits as well. I liked crafting pre 6.0. Seemed much simpler to me.

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04.07.2020 , 12:48 AM | #6
Stopped playing just before thanksgiving, started playing again 2 days ago and everything just feels broken.

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04.07.2020 , 04:38 AM | #7
I actually unsubbed today for the first time ever, and I've been here since closed beta. Felt half sad, half liberating lol. Got tired of paying monthly in the hopes the game will get better when it just never does and paying monthly to play the sliver of story content that is over in a couple of hours. I haven't played since I finished Onslaught and got my set of max gear (3 weeks or so after Onslaught launched). Now with this pandemic we're in the middle of, development and communication, both of which are abysmal from EAWare already, are going to slow down even more and get even worse.

I want to continue to like this game, which is why I've dished out $15 since 2011 even when I'm not playing it for months upon months, but man, EAWare really makes it hard. Kind of just over it now. I'd love to start fresh on a new character, but I've already done that 16 times over with alts. I love Ops and PvP, but performance is so bad on this Frankenstein'd, out-of-date game engine in Ops and WZs that I can't even be bothered with it after all these years.

Please universe, have someone start developing the next Star Wars MMO.
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04.07.2020 , 06:33 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Lhancelot View Post
**** operatives. They need to get hit with the nerf bat into irrelevancy.
Comments like this are why the game keeps getting worse and worse. They need to STOP nerfing classes because of PvP complaints. That is a MINOR part of the game and I'm sick of having favorite characters kicked into "irrelevancy" because people like you don't know how to play against them in PvP. This is a PvE game - keep the balance, stop the nerfs!

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04.07.2020 , 05:34 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by HoloTweed View Post
Comments like this are why the game keeps getting worse and worse. They need to STOP nerfing classes because of PvP complaints. That is a MINOR part of the game and I'm sick of having favorite characters kicked into "irrelevancy" because people like you don't know how to play against them in PvP. This is a PvE game - keep the balance, stop the nerfs!
Also, if they are going to keep fiddling with classes, I'd much rather the "everyone is buffed to be crazy powerful" problem over "one class is nerfed into oblivion."

If balance changes have to be made, make other people stronger, not one class weaker.
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