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It's no fun to be constantly controlled

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It's no fun to be constantly controlled

Beyrahl's Avatar

Today , 09:20 AM | #41
The game would be 10x more fun if movement abilities were no longer affected by slows.
50% or higher slows were nerfed to be under that amount.
Instant deaths and falling through the map have been at an all-time high due to the number of slows currently ingame including move speed increases. Desync is likely an unmanageable fix so at least starting with these things would make the feeling a lot better.

Resolve, I feel is fine the way it is. The cooldowns of stuns and mezzes being affected by alacrity? That I don't like, it's useful but not all CC is created equally. Force bound for example being currently the strongest form of CC ingame due to being an AoE Mezz into a major accuracy debuff for all damage types. Meaning you can at max do nothing as a DPS for 12 seconds, while they can take cooldown reduction from the utility on intimidating roar (force bound) then also have alacrity lower its cooldown. I think this is more so a force bound issue, but still, it's a great example of how strong it is to have such high uptime on something so strong.