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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns

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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns
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10.11.2012 , 03:15 PM | #511
So I guess trying to use the GTN is an exercise in futility?

Sigh... any word would be better that this.

1. We're closing the APAC servers soon. (at least we'd know)

2. We're merging x server to y, or x and y to z.. or whatever.(at least we'd know)

3. No decisions will be made until after FTP(at least we'd know)

4. What's APAC? Do we have servers in that area? Who's idea was that? (at least we'd know)

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10.11.2012 , 03:55 PM | #512
The thing I can't wrap my head around is why this would be put off continuously -- someone has pointed out in another thread that if they merge the servers and population dropped again they'd be in a downward spiral with no hopes of going back. Now, that's some good long-term thinking which is what I'm betting would happen. In the mean time, the short term needs to be addressed. There's a huge level of urgency required here because if the APAC community collapses completely, whatever they might have? Won't mean a single thing. The lack of communication is a big part of the pain, I agree.

I... really don't get it.

I appreciate that they're being thoughtful that we have one server with each rule set but as it's been pointed out already... we plain and simply don't have that luxury. And soneil's pointed it out quite clearly -- I know I'd definitely be happy back on Bergeron Colony. My ping was only 200ms and that's from Sydney, Australia -- the lag was never noticeable for me except for the one single occasion in PvP where some marauder ran by my commando and my AoE knockback actually pushed him towards the line rather than off the ramp. Timezone differences weren't even big for me -- playing on the weekends during midday and mornings meant I had it sweet -- prime time for ops with my guild and PvP.

Before I took my holiday? I'm lucky to even finish my PvP daily during primetime on a bleeding Saturday. As for Ops... soneil's said, there's a shortlist of guilds that can even run ops reliably -- and that's not even the latest content.

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10.11.2012 , 04:22 PM | #513
I know you can do it Bioware. Just leave us in the dark for another month with your shiate posts about 'soon', 'in consideration' etc. until f2p. I know you can do it. I have faith in you to raise the bar for those that aspire to be the most atrocious customer service providers in an MMO.

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10.11.2012 , 06:20 PM | #514
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkfalconheart View Post
I doubt they will merge the server, because there are only 3 servers with each ruleset. And much as some people may claim in the forums that all people on the PVP server are okay with merging to Dalborra, there will always be many who are silent and disagree. So I think them merging us is totally unlikely.
I believe it's generally considered that the forums represent the server population. That's why on any issue you see people for and against. here you see near 100% people for mergers or free transfers. And it's logical that the PVPers and RPs would want to merge for the same reason they would want to play on a dedicated server. To play with others that want to do the same thing. To make it simple, you'll be able to find more people to RP or PVP with on a merged server than on a low pop dedicated one.

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10.11.2012 , 06:52 PM | #515
Quote: Originally Posted by Mjollnir View Post
The sad thing is, the servers were well populated once the transfers were enabled. Though due to the location they decided to set up these servers, it worked well for Australia and New Zealand, though the rest of Asia (according to EA / Bioware to only consist of Singapore and Hong Kong) were still better off playing on US servers due to better ping.

Personally I don't see F2P to be successul here. They have managed to kull a thriving community through mismanagement and lack of communication. I really enjoy the game, though I really can't be motivated when I am pretty much forced into a one player game due to a lack of bodies.

It really only comes down to three options:

1) Merge the Oceanic servers into one;
2) Implement cross-server PvP, Flashpoints and Operations; or
3) Shut down the servers and transfer us back to the US.

Although it seems Option 1 is the most favoured, I really don't care myself as long as there is a population. And really, it only comes down to those three options, so I can't understand how the decision can take so long after weeks, let alone months. If they are waiting for F2P to see if the populations increase, they could at least have the balls to say it, rather than handing out disinformation.
Thanks! If you didn't say it I was going to!
I'm playing from Japan, because my guildies were mostly in Aus I moved to the Oceanic servers. Can't really call them APAC I have to admit. It was a small guild but only 2 of us play any more. I have found a new guild which has helped a lot, but the server pop is still ridiculous.

Let me ask anyone ready a question. If you were coming in F2P playing in Aus, would you play on the light pop Oceanic servers? Or the high and full pop US West servers? First screen you will see when you log in is the US ones . . . then the 3 light pop Oceanic servers . . . I can't imagine F2P helping at all. By that time what will be left?

Antipodes's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 07:21 PM | #516
Quote: Originally Posted by iheartnyc View Post
LOL at that response by Bioware.

Check out the below, for an example of how to communicate with your subscribers (note that GW2 is F2P):
Funny, because the GW2 CM first said he would be responding to PvP concerns in a few days, but it eventually took a month. And when he did post that, people were not happy with what he said.

Digimanbyte_ID's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 08:42 PM | #517
Unless they clarfiy from the beginning that the servers on oceanic give far better ping to those in that region. Then no I will see it as a huge flop.

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10.11.2012 , 09:42 PM | #518
Youtube video of how bad Master Dar'Nala is... sorry about my bad commentary!!!

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10.11.2012 , 09:50 PM | #519
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheezfriend View Post
Youtube video of how bad Master Dar'Nala is... sorry about my bad commentary!!!
That is bad and Dalborra isn't much better but would be cool to do one at the super peak time on the weekends.

Darkfalconheart's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 10:37 PM | #520
Quote: Originally Posted by randalthorr View Post
Yeah and what real reason is there for a pvp server? Please elaborate
I don't see any reason to have PVP either way. But I have been moderating in several kinds of communities on the net and learned one thing - even if it seems that all people agree on doing Thing A, they all say they want it and really really clamour for it - the Moment you do/implent/instate said Item A, a faction B will spring up and HOWL that they never wanted this and that it was only a minority making fuss. Eventually a group C will appear, who joined after and find that it is stupid how we do things here and it's different anywhere else...

To make myself very clear - I'd love to see a server merge. But being a realist I doubt it will happen. If they really intended to do it, they'd long have said it and given a timeline. Even if that timeline was in a month or so, it would make people hang on because the merge is coming.

if you want my guess they won't do a thing and hope that f2p will liven up the servers. If it does... no clue.
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