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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns

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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns
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09.19.2012 , 11:44 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by TheSaamun View Post
At least for Gav Daragon a marge is not what the majority wants, optional transfers for those who are disgruntled is a good idea, but I'm posting to say not everyone wants this:

"2. Do something about the very low populations on Master Dar'Nala and Gav Daragon. People want to stay on the APAC servers and are more than happy to merge to Dalborra as they have the strongest population."

With 80 active members on Gav Daragon who are not suppoting the merge,
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the majority does wantthis its only a select few that want to stay. please dont feel like you speak for the whole server

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09.19.2012 , 11:51 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheezfriend View Post

2. Most of the APAC/Oceanic community are in favour for merging servers together by either consolidating all three servers into a "super server" or allowing us to transfer/merge to a nominated APAC server.
You should actually make a poll for this to gauge how much support it actually has. ANything at this point is mere speculation.
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09.20.2012 , 12:03 AM | #23
all of this stuff needs to be done, we deserve the same treatment as NA and EU customers!

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09.20.2012 , 12:21 AM | #24
Great post chippy!
+1 from charged!

This will be my last mmo and will be quitting if something hasent been done by a months time

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09.20.2012 , 12:36 AM | #25

We want some feedback about this !!
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09.20.2012 , 01:08 AM | #26
/signed. They have until November 6 to do something about this or I won't be back.

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09.20.2012 , 01:34 AM | #27
Clicked "like" in my mind.

Subbed and /signed.
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09.20.2012 , 02:25 AM | #28
Vote the on the thread on the button below that says "Excellent"...maybe a 5 star thread will get some extra lovin'

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09.20.2012 , 02:26 AM | #29
In order of preference:
  1. Cross server WZ.
  2. Oceanic Server Merge.

I enjoy my low ping too much to want to go back to an US server.


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09.20.2012 , 02:26 AM | #30
Thank you for taking the initiative Chippy and speaking on behalf of us all.