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Convert Free To Play to a $4/month subscription

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Convert Free To Play to a $4/month subscription

xordevoreaux's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 11:54 AM | #1

Because a subscription requires a credit card, and a credit card, used with a banned account from a gold spammer who currently spams us using a FTP account, will not be able to use that same payment method for the next spam account he creates, because EA would flag that payment option invalid.

End of spam, and not as painful of a hit to people who are playing FTP.

For new players who just want to poke around and see what's what, FTP would be available ... for 4 hours before requiring to convert to sub.

Why 4 hours?

4 hours is enough time to decide if one likes the look and feel of a game, and makes a very tight window for spammers to get done what they want to, because 4 hours after they create a new account to start spamming, they're locked out until the pay or create another account, which would be a decent snag in their gold-spamming business.
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