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Unassembled Component Changes in 5.4

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Unassembled Component Changes in 5.4
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08.10.2017 , 05:37 PM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by masterceil View Post
DPS Guardian/Juggernaut
Tank G/J
DPS Shadow/Assassin
Tank S/A
DPS Vanguard/Powertech
Tank V/P
DPS Scoundrel/Operative
Healer S/O
DPS Commando/Mercenary
Healer C/M
DPS Sage/Sorceror
Healer S/S

14 gear sets, max. Pain in the rectal region, but not as bad as 26 - and may be much easier if you don't actually play every set bonus. Crafting the 246s for left side is more painful. But you don't need to actually get every toon to 300. Use legacy gear. If you do ops, upgrade your ops-running toons using the 242/246 drops, and use their 236/242 shells plus UCs to get 242s/248s for your alts.

Yes, it's more painful than it has to be, by far. But not *quite* as painful as it appears to be at a glance.
Depends if they are all on the same server or not
We Need Cross Faction PvP War Zones And Skill vs Skill PvP
What's Your Bolster LvL Preference

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08.10.2017 , 06:58 PM | #192
Quote: Originally Posted by MeNaCe-NZ View Post
Going off old info perhaps from Dulfy but does it not take 1.23 million CXP to hit 300 or was that also nerfed (crap system made better is still a crap system so I gave up caring or partaking in it)?

So that's 12,300 CXP per FP run more or less?

Also isn't that like 9.6 minutes per MM run ...???
Every master fp run can be around 13k, 14k cxp per

With a guildie we can do Red Reaper in like 8, 9 minutes with stealth classes, depending how lucky/unlucky we are with root adds in last boss. Those are 3 bosses and not a single trash kill and that's a rather small instance. I don't know how you can do Athiss/Hammer station with non stealthers in around the same time...

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08.12.2017 , 07:03 AM | #193
I like trying to give ranked war zones an incentive. But a lack of unassembled is not whats lacking in order to get ranked going. If you want to see more players doing ranked i suggest the Following: Before the season starts announce the start and end of the season. And all rewards and their cost. And when it comes to the rewards try and make them leet. Typically when you farm something as competitive as ranked there's a payoff at the end. People should feel rewarded. The top tier rewards should be more unique then anything you plan on releasing in the cartel market that year. Make group ranked slightly better than solo ranked rewards. Try to fit a complete class balance abilities + utilities by at least mid season. Actively punish and remove hackers. Why do you let them return? Why would people want to farm the highest tier if you're going to give the best rewards to hackers? Why would they want to stop? Why are you putting a band aid on a rampant problem? Solve it. Lastly work all this out in the preseason!

If you guys cant figure any of this out in preseason then why do we have a preseason?

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08.15.2017 , 04:53 AM | #194
Instead of making more quests with UC rewards for unranked warzones which are going one after another so that people would have more incentives to run unranked warzones, instead of making UC drops from chests in outlawden, from players who are defeated in open world pvp, instead of providing quests for open world pvp in different zones with UC rewards they increase UC drops for ranked in which most of the community ARE NOT INTERESTED (yeah due to statistic information only a small quantity of players are interested in ranked). The incompetence of devs is highlighted fully now. It seems pvp has a bad future in this game (not a surprise though).

THanks devs for killing your game.