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Combat Support DRoid bug

Tolkyyn's Avatar

01.23.2016 , 09:28 AM | #1
At times, if you level during a solo flashpoint , the Combat Support Droid leaves and you can summon him back. Twice now when I took level 10 characters into the solo flashpoints found on fleet (the Black Talon and the Republic version of it) when the character leveled, the droid took off and did not come back. Luckily, Nicco is good enough to get the characters through.

The second time I decided to experiment so I had my character go to his stronghold, then "return to fleet." It took him to the flashpoint's entrance, and when he ran in, he was back at the start of that section of the flashpoint and the Combat Support Droid decided to return and help out.

I'm just posting this so if it happens to you, you know the solution.