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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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11.16.2014 , 01:35 PM | #5371
Quote: Originally Posted by BobFredJohn View Post
Half and half really. Tbh these sorts of things are common (though usually its only 1 or 2 bads, not 2 bads and a 3rd who doesn't speak up at all). The reasons I put up with it:
  1. You grow accustomed to it, as such it stops being annoying and just funny (though I will never bring myself to read how much my repair bill costs, I just close my eyes and click)
  2. If its possible to work with these people imagine how good I feel when I get a group in which all 4 of us are the types who have learnt to work with and put up with these bads....pure bliss
  3. If I quit and re-queue I will be waiting about 1 hour, and even with the most pathetic group its probably quicker to stay with it

By far the main reason to stick with it is:
Theres no guarantee the next group will be any better
Fair point
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11.16.2014 , 10:10 PM | #5372
This happened a while back, but know exactly what happened - made a printscreen about the conversation.

False emperor fp. We had a not-so-well geared tank (guardian), 2 not-so-well geared dps (a guardian (DPS1) and a sentinel (DPS2)) and me as healer (quite good gear). This was the last fp I needed for the personal conquest reward and for some reason I had to wait for like an hour for the pop, which happend around midnight (it was either Saturday or Sunday, but either way, I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible and finish conquesting).

We all agreed to do a fast run with the bonus boss too.

At the beginning of the mob packs I always did damage to make things faster but making sure noone dies or even comes near to death. Also, because I soloed the false emperor a lot of times for the decorations, I knew exactly which packs should be pulled, left alone, ... etc for the bonus + which ones are easier, faster to kill.
The other thing I did was to go in as first, I could heal it out easily, the others could leap on mobs, so this was good way of showing them which packs to kill.

First miniboss: one of the dps died in the red circle aoe part and it became clear that the tank isn't tanking well either.

Packs to the first boss: did everything the way I did before (pulling the packs that needed to be killed), and then DPS1 told me to stay back, since I am a healer, I shouldn't kill adds, just heal and let the tank do his thing. Did not say anything but for the following adds I did not go in first, just attacked after the tank pulled.

Jindo Krey: I know what the tactics for the fight are supposed to be, but if we do that, the boss will be immune for attacks for quite some time, so I tell this to the team, along with the message, that I've done this before, just attack the boss, don't use the console, let the airship fire, I can heal it out and it will be faster.
The tank starts the fight, when the ship starts firing he runs to the console and pushes it.

Me: dont use the console

Tank loses aggro because of pressing the console. But not taunts.

DPS1: taunt him tank

Tank taunts, fight goes on, when the ship comes DPS1 decides to press the console.

Me: just dps

3rd time they press the console.

Me: DO NOT PRESS THE CONSOLE (you know, maybe they'll see it better with caps)
DPS1: jesus christ

The boss is still well over 60% hp, but after this, they finally stop pressing it and even though we get to the 400% dmg part, I can easily heal it out, everyone over 80-90% hp, I can dps a bit too and at last (after what seemed to be eternity) the boss dies.

And then this happened in the chat:

Me: /cry
Me: why are you pressing?
Me: any healer can heal this out
Me: just dps
(the senti needs and wins the heavy armor loot)
Me: if you press the console it gets immune and the fight gets really long
DPS2 has initiated a vote to kick you from the group. Reason:
You have been removed from the groupfinder group by a vote kick.

Well, at this point I had a little enrage.. my guildmate asked me what happened on teamspeak and I told him the story. He immediately logged over to healer, and when gf popped right away, he got the group that kicked me, entered it and had a chat with them.. turned out I was annoying so they kicked me. Then he left the group and helped me do an fp for the conquest.
I ignored those 3 ppl and went to sleep.

The next day my guildmate told me that before he went to sleep, which was around 1 or 2 in the morning, just out of curiousity he entered the gf queue, got an insta pop with a fp already in progress, with those 3 ppl, still in that fp, still just after the first boss. Guess it was better for them to wait than have an annoying healer.

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11.16.2014 , 10:59 PM | #5373
Quote: Originally Posted by egriz View Post
This happened a while back, but know exactly what happened - made a printscreen about the conversation.
I do understand why you didn,t want them to follow the mechanics but you could also have sucked it up and DPS more instead of healing. I prefer seeing people following mechanics when they don,t need to then seeing people not following them when they actually need to.

Sorry but you were the odd one here.
"If it wasn't broken, we shall break it. If it is balanced, we shall beat it until slow and painful death follows. If it is overpowered, it is working as intended." - Bioware 2015

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11.17.2014 , 01:42 AM | #5374
Here's another story I have, which I'm sure the majority of you guys can probably relate to.

Whether my experience is an op or flashpoint via group finder, a guild ran raid, or even a pug raid, the ONE major thing I have encountered every single damn time is the lack of raid awareness.

People standing in stupid, people not moving when they need to, not paying attention when npcs pop and a mass affliction of three go off, etc.

Every single time I've done a raid or flashpoint, you have at least ONE person who dies to something that could have been prevented by paying attention. I know lag happens, mouse controls via wireless lose battery power, a storm hits, etc. These are things out of our control for the most part, but I'm talking aside from 'acts of God/Karma/bad luck' they brought it on themselves.

Plus, I always hear from people 'oh I've done this op/fp a million times!' Me: Oh, so you can heal it this time instead of dpsing it? Them: Noooo. I don't know what the healers do!

Me: -_- You....heal us?

Them: That's all?

Me: Pretty much and you know, same crap you do as a dps you do as a healer, just this time around you focus on healing.

Them: Okay.

Same if it's a tank switching to dps, dps switching to tank, healer switching to tank, etc

The mechanics are the same no matter what role you do. Just you'll be doing something job wise, differently.

Maybe it's me, and I'm the only one who thinks it's best to learn what all the roles do, even if all you ever do is one job for the next 10 years. *shrug*
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11.17.2014 , 02:48 AM | #5375
Quote: Originally Posted by Eanelinea View Post
Maybe it's me, and I'm the only one who thinks it's best to learn what all the roles do, even if all you ever do is one job for the next 10 years. *shrug*
Lol I wish. The amount of abuse I got when leveling my shadow tank and running mando raiders over and over again. Only 1 group of all the runs (about 11) didn't complain about me not tanking the first boss properly because I didn't hold aggro on the dogs.

I don't mind being told I am doing it wrong as long as they then proceed to tell me how to be better, theres no point saying "your useless" without writing "try doing....". And of course those people that tell me I am tanking wrong because I didn't hold the dogs in the first boss of mando piss me off even more.

People should learn the fight from every role before considering themselves an expert.
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11.17.2014 , 03:17 AM | #5376
Well finally got something to post here. Had only good and enjoyable runs from 12x exp.
This story isn't that bad, just some stuff that hit me.

TFB gf on my guardian tank. My guardian tank is a result of 12x exp (sortoff, got 12x at lv48) and I have not yet geared the guy (bolster ftw).
Queue had 1 hour left and someone had lockout till end boss. We all agreed to do only the last boss so off we go.
My co-tank is a 44k-ish hp euhm... something tank class (not important anyway).

I still had my taunts at dps locations so my agro sucked for the first tentacle but after that not much problems (and dps agro dropped )
Phase 2 is where the fun started. My co-tank thought, hey let's solo tank this. So I taunt the boss during scream and the boss starts hitting me. Me being bolstered I decided to add a DCD to help the healers a bit. Co-tank uses taunt to get the boss again, I follow up with an AoE taunt.
My co-tank keeps doing this taunting thing, at some point his debuff wore off so I just gave him it and typed in chat to only taunt off me after scream.
Weird enough, he actually read the text during chat.

Next is SaV gf same guardian. I get in the group early and people start to doubt me (19k hp ftw).
- We got a tiny tank
- doesn't matter, I can spec off tank if necessary
- It is a really tiny tank
- etc...
I assure them that I know the fight (tanked often enough in hm) and that bolster will help me. My co-tank (44k-hp endurance stacked shadow) doubted me even more and assured the group that he could solo tank this.......

First boss my co-tank is MT and I taunt when he gets send flying and I deal with mini dogs and shield.
Second boss I have add duty which overall isn't that hard.
Third boss I get sniper duty (leap ftw).
Boss wise he seems fine, now how about the trash pulls so far?

He waits, I have to start all the fights while he wants to main tank -_-
I often AoE taunt + reflect for ranged adds but ALWAYS waits with his AoE taunt to use 1 second after mine -_-
Turns Carvers to raid, including at last money boss.............................................. ..................

During Olok and Warlords he was a bit more cooperative. During some droids on olok I mentioned I would AoE taunt and reflect, he did not taunt the first few seconds
He got boss again and I grabbed adds, but this time decided by me

Warlords he takes tu.....ugly pig and I take Sunder.

Dragon went nice, he started and I grabbed after he got strangled.
Styrak I start since he was being strangled and he actually let me tank it 0.o But he also turned blind.
I get pushed or pulled or whatever and Styrak turns to the raid. I guardian leap back to the group and taunt Styrak, 1 second later he started taunting as well (*sigh*).
Same thing went on until Dragon revived. I grab dragon and he hits Styrak...
The stacks grow, I'm still a squishy bolstered tank, my DCD at some point are all used and the dragon's stacks are growing. So I die and get revived after dragon is dead.
I get jumping Styrak under the bridge and co-tank stands in the middle of the area and taunts him back.......

Overall not that bad of an experience. Really pushed me to learn guardian tanking on the run
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11.17.2014 , 08:13 PM | #5377
Quote: Originally Posted by peedeeboy View Post
After that, figure. I'll have a KDY to restore my faith in PUGs.
I am physically incapable of showing my disbelief in this statement. I hope this is sarcasm, because if I learned anything from KDY, its that this statement should never be made. Ever.

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11.17.2014 , 08:48 PM | #5378
Had a slightly peculiar run of HM Czerka Core Meltdown.

I queue up as my Commando, get slotted as healer for a run in progress. It's me (36k HP) alongside a Guardian tank (41k HP) and two Sentinels (27k and 29k HP) who are from the same guild. They've already downed the Enhanced Vrblthr and are waiting at the Duneclaw. Apparently the previous healer was a prima donna and quit after being given some advice.

We engage our spaghetti and charge in at the Duneclaw. The tank handles the fight like a pro, positioning well and Guardian Leaping to me when I HTL my butt over to the generator; we didn't eat a single extra Rampage. However, DPS is a bit low, and halfway through the fight I realize why.
One of the Sents is Combat (I see the Precision buff coming up) and the other is Watchman (Merciless buff). Unfortunately, the Watchman Sent isn't in a lightsaber form at all. I tell him this, get a confused reaction. The Combat Sent tells him to look in his abilities...and switches to Juyo form, to demonstrate I guess? The Watchman Sent applies Shii-Cho form, which I guess is better than nothing, and we finish downing the boss.

I ask publicly if I am being rused. No response. I whisper the tank and point out that the Sents are both in the wrong stance, and that we are almost certainly being rused. The tank whispers back that she doesn't care, just wants her comms. The Sents stay in the wrong forms.

We actually cleared the rest of the FP without any deaths, despite DerPS standing in lightning on The Vigilant and messing up kill order on the cores. (That was partly my fault; one of the Sents was new to the fight and I accidentally told him we'd go counterclockwise despite us going clockwise the way everyone does.) Tank and I pretty much handled most of the adds on our own. The last core we killed was actually one of the upper ones, so we all ate an 11k hit right as the boss came down. Ah well, good tanking and prudent use of Supercharged Cell got us through it in one piece.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleArcher View Post
Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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11.18.2014 , 01:43 AM | #5379
Quote: Originally Posted by egriz View Post
You were in the wrong, and your guildie was as well for supporting your shenanigans. The fight is easily done using the mechanics, and your nattering only made what could have been a smooth run annoying. If we search the thread I wouldn't be surprised to find this story from their perspective =p

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11.18.2014 , 03:13 AM | #5380
Quote: Originally Posted by Prototypemind View Post
You were in the wrong, and your guildie was as well for supporting your shenanigans. The fight is easily done using the mechanics, and your nattering only made what could have been a smooth run annoying. If we search the thread I wouldn't be surprised to find this story from their perspective =p
Here is the other perspective he was talking about (though not in the group that guy was in)

Mannan TFP 3 healers (2 sorcs 1 op) and a sorc dps. I was 1 of the healers

We zone in and I am already annoyed with the sorc dps as he immediately writes the 2 lines that make me think he is a pr*ck:
"Why did you take so long answering the queue pop <40k sorc healers name>" (I had just assumed that person was on a loading screen so couldn't see the group pop until he was loaded)
"lets make this a fast run" (yeah, thanks for that, I didn't know and was intending to hang around wasting my time)

Get to first boss and with 2 of the 3 healers being sorcs our resource management is based upon procs from our heals. As such us 2 throw out heals once in a while to get that proc that prevents consumption from ruining the force regen. The dps isn't happy: "burn the boss" "dps" "stop healing just attack" "kill him quickly". I therefore tell him to shut up which he does until the end. He now throws a tantrum about how low the dps is and we will never get through the last boss.

Me and the other sorc tell him we will be fine, the op tells him to just click the console. We carry on and the dps continues complaining every time anybody does any heals. I therefore stop healing.

Get to the second boss and the dps gets killed. He is annoyed that even with 3 healers he was killed, that the 3 of us must be total noobs. The op points out there are kolto stations and he had been "nagging like an old woman that we shouldn't heal". He carries on moaning. I point out he throws a tantrum when we heal, then throws a tantrum when we don't and he should grow up. He stays quiet from there.

Get to the final boss and the dps says "moment of truth, 5 minutes with 3 healers". We get started, dps gets aggro and the flames start coming from the ceiling the other side of the room. The 3 of us move over there but the dps doesn't. He holds the boss where it is, sometimes moving to the kolto stations to heal himself. The 3 of us are telling him to move the boss over to us. The dps ignores us and eventually dies. He throws more tantrums about us standing out of range and not dpsing at all and with us being healers we need to work our balls off to get through this.

I combat res him and suggest to him that he follows the mechanics, he tells me I should learn them first. The op healer then explains them with the dps saying "the flames only appear at the front of the room, you have to keep him there. We get back into the fight, dps grabs aggro and takes the boss to the front of the room (there is a jet of flame on the left).

A loud mouthed dps who decides he can tell us what to do, points out the timing is going to be tight on the last boss then doesn't follow the mechanics.
Teach me not what to think, but how to think

Everybody is entitled to their opinion. People are also entitled to ridicule your opinion if it is BS.