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Suggestion on Materials Inventory

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Suggestion on Materials Inventory

Monterone's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 02:19 AM | #1
First of all, I love the change and I understand this is just the first pass and updates will follow. However, being able to put all crafting materials in shared storage that doesn't use space is awesome. Thank you.

Going through the mats in that new inventory is a headache though. Can the following be added to the materials UI window in a future pass? Perhaps as a checkbox on the side?

Collapse All / Open All Tabs.

Much obliged.
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 05:20 AM | #2
Probably the most important single change they could make would be to switch the fixed sort order from "sort by name" to "sort by grade-then-quality-then-name".

That said, having the categories start collapsed would be excellent, and two tiers of categories would be good (acquisition-skill and grade).
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Void_Singer's Avatar

11.08.2019 , 11:23 PM | #3
Sort Order:
  1. Grade
  2. --> Qaulity (ie Legendary, Artifact, Prototype, Premium, Standard)
  3. ------> Type (eg Compounds, Metals, etc)
  4. ---------> Alpha

Other required changes:
  1. Default categories to closed, or better make them sticky
  2. Filters for Grade (checklist preferred, or dropdown of grades and "all")
  3. Categories for Crafting Skills (eg Artifice, Biochem, etc), with their crafted mats going in there (eg assembly components)
  4. Vendor Materials with their gather skill
  5. Remove Currency items from Materials storage (eg industrial prefabs, flagship encryptions)

... Then and only then would Mats storage be almost as useful as plain old legacy tabs
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11.09.2019 , 08:06 AM | #4
My 2 cents:
  1. Agree that tabs should start collapsed by default. Button to toggle open/close all.
  2. Provide sorting options. Grade, Alpha, Quality, etc.
  3. Add / allow filter to show grade / quality.
  4. Add tabs for Crafting Skills (Artifice, Biochem, Armormech, Armstech, etc) for crafting components (Cell Grafts,
  5. Bonded Attachments, etc.)
  6. Allow font size to be adjustable.

A bug? When a filter is applied, and a stack is removed, the filter is then ignored. Text is still there, but Mat Inventory resorts to default view. (ANY edit to the filter reapplies the filter.)
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