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Manaan Stronghold Suggestions

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05.31.2017 , 02:29 PM | #11
It looks like we might get this Stronghold in July!
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06.10.2017 , 11:23 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by austinccc View Post
I've been wanting a Manaan SH for years. I always felt like it could have used a lot more development. ( The planet overall ). Having a SH that's above water to start, but the lower level is submerged with various ambiance and sea life swimming around. THAT would be something else.
Yes!!! I would love to have an ocean stronghold with an underwater observation window showing lots of sea life swimming around. For top level with above ocean view, maybe see occasional dolphin/fish leaping over waves. I also think the stronghold should have a nice pool for wading in and decorating around (like the waterfall/ pool room on Yavin).

Also, want ocean themed decorations.. I really REALLY want a Big AQUARIUM with plants and swimming fish in it for a stronghold decoration... maybe even sea shells and sand castles and fish sculptures... but especially want an animated aquarium.

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