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Just'd like more room vs new Stronghold.

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Just'd like more room vs new Stronghold.

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10.23.2014 , 11:55 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by thewatcheruatu View Post
I want higher hook caps.
Guess if the players are willing to unlock more hooks with CC only, it would appeal the producer.

First because it would mean more direct income for the game, then as not free players might certainly not overuse the system and hinder the DB and data processing.

Quote: Originally Posted by Velarax View Post
You can do without the lift, since you can just use the "exit area" tool on your minimap to bring up the travel menu
Both the lift and exit area are just a UI popup.

What I was trying to say is players might need to see their character walking from their strongholds into the new rooms. As such creating a physical link between both. See how disliked are instanced housing for some players, because they need to relate to the exterior and porting hinder this for some.
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