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Guild ship should also count as a personal stronghold for the GM

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Guild ship should also count as a personal stronghold for the GM

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08.26.2014 , 10:45 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by siegeshot View Post
It's a very, very extremely simple concept. So circling back around to the original topic, the guild ship should count as the guild master's personal stronghold. About 80% of the stuff in our stronghold was donated by me. I paid half of it out of my own pocket, the other half paid by someone that wasn't even in my guild...... the thing is basically mine for the guild. It's mine, and then the guild's.
So just because in your particular case, you were the primary contributor to the guild ship, all guild ships should be the personal stronghold of the guild leader? Selfish much? I helped start a guild a few weeks before conquests and within a week we could afford the guild ship, because everyone contributed. If no one else in your guild wanted a guild ship enough to help raise funds for it, then they either won't use it and it's all yours, or they're mooching off of you and there's nothing stopping you from keeping them in your guild.
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