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How much crit rating would you consider % wise for each or all 3 op modes?

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How much crit rating would you consider % wise for each or all 3 op modes?

Jestiana's Avatar

04.14.2020 , 09:32 PM | #1
Hello, I've seen that people like to play around w/ their builds for damage output, which has me a bit confused when it comes to crit rating. I've seen some w/ less than 40% or more than 40%. I'm currently at 39.59% on vigilance guardian and 38.32% on infiltration shadow. Say if I was to take them both into sm, hm, or nm ops, how much crit rating would you guys consider? As sometimes I think that I don't have enough crit rating or too much % wise?. I'm hoping to get answers that will help ease my confusion. Much appreciated, SWTOR community and stay safe and healthy!:c onfused:

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

04.14.2020 , 10:10 PM | #2
You don't really gear for critical, you gear for either the low alacricity threshold of 1.4s gcd (7.143%, which is 1213 for most specs), or the high alacricity threshold of 1.3s gcd (15.385%, or 3206 for most specs).

Which alacricity threshold works best for you will depend on your class/spec/playstyle/APM.

Once you get your accuracy to 110% and alacricity to where you want it just put everything else into critical.

If you go with the high alacricity build then the max crit you will be able to get is just over 30% (I don't have the exact number, I've been running mostly heals or my low-alacricity dps specs lately) with the max tier augments.

For the low alacricity build, any crit above 43% or so is largely useless, but since most Operations are level synced you may as keep stacking crit. You can try putting more into alacricity, but only parsing with different numbers will tell you if it's worth it for your class.
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