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Update on Ilum Open World PvP issues

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Update on Ilum Open World PvP issues
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04.19.2017 , 01:10 AM | #3101
You can give them the ability, but you can't make the people go there. that much, at the very least, is not the dev's fault.
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04.19.2017 , 07:51 AM | #3102 over...

it's just a joke like the zone in tatooine..

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04.19.2017 , 10:28 AM | #3103
Quote: Originally Posted by jedcjedcjedc View Post
You can give them the ability, but you can't make the people go there. that much, at the very least, is not the dev's fault.
You are correct that forcing people into open world PvP is not an option obviously...

That said if rewards were offered that had real value for advancing your characters look, fame or performance etc and the playing field was balanced relatively even forcing people to world PvP would not be needed.

The issue with Illum or any other OWPVP zone is they were never able to balance the factions within the zone nor offer any kind of incentive to go there that was not easily abused.

If you have one aspect of the game that is fun but offers no incentive and other aspects that may not be quite as fun but they offer incentive rewards for participating many will choose the lesser fun option with rewards...

With that said the OWPVPzone shortcoming is explained. Rather than invest more time in Illum they scrapped it AKA they gave up.

Iokath will be the same because the incentives to go to the PvP instance are zero! Heck the incentives to do the dailies are pretty weak and its costly to participate...

This team has no clue how to draw players into participation for their new "Content" and they have always been poor at it. If it's not going to be sold on the CM they don't put much effort into its creation hence no body wants the rewards and no one participates....
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05.10.2017 , 07:34 AM | #3104
Surprised this thread was not locked a long time ago. Illum began and quickly died a long time ago pvp wise and nothing is going to change about it nor are they ever going to revert anything from it. This Thread should have been locked 4 to 5 years ago. The Moderators are to blame for this.