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Please buff sorc heal or give us better tacticals

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Please buff sorc heal or give us better tacticals

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Yesterday , 08:06 PM | #21
Honestly i have no idea what they are doing with the sorcs lately.

They are going to be nerfing our DPS by alot with the 6.1 change which i can only guess was because of PvP not to mention out survivabilty, so not only are we going to be the weakest healers in the game but now we are getting kneecapped on our dps as well.

This honestly sucks, i love the sorc because i love the animations on them, their sass whenever they talk to people and just about everything about them but this is well and truely becoming a joke at this point, i got 1 of each healer up and it is so obvious to anyone that plays the game that the sorc got the short end of the stick again and now they are coming to make it even shorter with 6.1.

Will i continue to play mine, honestly i have no clue i'm honestly thinking of just canceling my sub at this point the devs clearly have no idea what they are doing they brought out a new system but again didn't full test it or think things through just went with what they thought was cool and interesting but ran outta time when they made the healing sorc tacts and sets because anyone that has ever played one can tell they are not only boring but don't really help alot since everyone has just gone the gathering storm like how the mercs just go consintrated fire.

Honestly i'm starting to think they need to ether remake all the sorc tacticals to bring them up to snuff or just rework the whole class at this point since we are ALWAYS getting nerfed and abused, no one wants a sorc for anything other then PvP and even then since people have seen the 6.1 patchnotes i've noticed a few teams have ether just flat out started refusing to run them since they have to get used to not having them anymore or people are just spaming them like crazy now to try and get their points in early.

Something needs to happen before this class just gets forgotten about i love this class i honestly think it is the move visually gorgeous class i have ever played in a mmo with lightning being a key part of it but looks can only get you so far you need to beable to do your part and the fact that we are getting excluded from content already and we are getting a nerf instead of a buff really shows just how much bioware thinks of us doesn't it.

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Today , 06:01 AM | #22
please do nothing with the sorc heal as it works just fine....

maybe give them another tactical like the roaming mend + 1

but most sorcs are just whiny primadonas, who cant slam their head against the keyboard anymore, and kill stuff with that.

the one thing which confuses me the most is, sorcs complaining of beinng outhealed by the other classes in aoe healing....

this has allways been the case so nothing new here... sorc is a single target healer and it really shines in that role...
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