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Rishi Stronghold feedback

Shayddow's Avatar

10.07.2018 , 07:56 AM | #1
I just obtained a Rishi SH on one of the servers.

1. It is HUGE. Only one problem there. I unlocked 8 out of the 12 "rooms" it says it has: I can't find the other ones!
Suggestion: when you look at the "map" of the stronghold, it should show rooms you have unlocked vs rooms you haven't.

2. Lots of hooks. I look forward to decorating!

3. There is a way to get easily from one of the rooms to the other (I like the little "missiles"). Only thing is, you can't take them in the opposite direction. Would be nice if you could get from one area to the other like you can with the Yavin4 SH (those speeders travel both ways, not 1 way).
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10.07.2018 , 08:10 AM | #2
If you are having trouble finding all the rooms to unlock check out this guide:
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10.09.2018 , 08:35 AM | #3
Good feedback. I also had a hard time finding all the unlocks and was grateful to have a guide to refer to. Fortunately, they added more visual indicators to make it easier to find them.

Here's my feedback --
* It's hard to use rugs or tents with flooring, as the wooden walkway boards stick up through them.
* There aren't enough Floor / Rug hooks in the big roundish rooms.
* You can hear a buzzing fly noise in the upper level apartment. It gets annoying fast.
* There are too few flat (completely vertical) walls, so there are a ton of wall decos you can't use. IE: Things with water, flame, chains, or flags, because they stick out at an unnatural angle. (NOTE: Adjusting these decorations to work like some of the smoke FX, having the flame or water or cloth always go vertical even when the deco is at an angle, would solve this problem everywhere, not just Rishi.)
* There aren't enough windows in the ship. The window on the bridge is really small and blocked by the computers.
* There aren't enough Medium Wall and Ceiling hooks on the ship.

On the plus side, I love the light switches in the rooms. I also absolutely love the new barrier and wall decorations!
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