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Option to disable screen shake

kaelesto's Avatar

10.12.2019 , 02:39 PM | #1
I bought the game at launch but stopped playing without ever subscribing because the constant screen shaking was making me ill. It was particularly bad because I was playing a sage, but nobody on the Republic side could really escape it because it happened whenever a sage was fighting something nearby. I figured I'd come back when a toggle was implemented. That didn't happen.

After all these years I'd forgotten why I quit, so when someone mentioned an expansion, I decided to come back. I've been playing Empire side this time, so the issue didn't really come up until I got to Balmorra and had a bunch of quests that involved blowing things up. I couldn't find a toggle, so I Googled, and all I found was 8 years of complaints just like mine with no resolution or even developer comment. That's when I remembered why I quit so early.

I've already subbed, unfortunately, because I didn't realize this was going to be a problem. I'm probably just going to let it run out. But I'll ask one more time before I do: please, please add a screen shake toggle. This is a glaring accessibility issue that affects large numbers of people.