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[EN] PvE-Klasse und Ops Guides, Videos, strats und mehr

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[EN] PvE-Klasse und Ops Guides, Videos, strats und mehr

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10.17.2013 , 12:10 PM | #1
Hallo mein Name ist Paowee von The Harbinger und ich habe einen Blog, auf PVE Klasse Führer, theorycrafting und PVE Tipps und Tricks konzentriert. Mehr Informationen unter: Debüt-Video


Daily* posts about PVE in SWTOR
Thursday* weekly updates
8-man and 16-man
Relic testing and parses
(Mainly) DPS Class guides
PVE and Operations videos
Training dummy videos

BiS stats
Rotational / tutorial videos
Promoting non-fotm DPS specs and classes
PVE needs more Smash, 3052 DPS single target parse, Rage Juggernaut in non-BiS 75/72 gear
Operations tips & tricks
Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
Brontes orbs are leg-shottable. When i get an orb i either

1) roll through it and call it a day
2) roll through it and roll fails, i run around a little bit then hit entrench (MM) + shield probe
3) roll throug ht and if roll fails , leg - shot run around to some safe corner and wait for some stacks to build up
Quote: Originally Posted by Mythurin View Post
^^ Genius, never thought of using Leg Shot on the Orbs. Will have to try that tonight in our 16Man. We have 4 Snipers in our Group. -J
and more at

DPS Klasse Führungen (work in progress)
  1. sniper
  2. gunslinger
  3. mercenary
  4. commando
  5. sorcerer
  6. sage
    on the works

  7. juggernaut
    • smash
  8. guardian
    • focus

Operations (8m/16m)
  1. Dread Fortress
  2. Dread Palace

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