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i do not board on my ship

Genyabaikal's Avatar

09.19.2020 , 08:26 PM | #1
i do not board on my ship...
i do not go to the my ship, but i have ship

turbomagnus's Avatar

09.20.2020 , 10:11 AM | #2
Could you provide more details? Are you using the Stronghold "Exit To Ship" from the exit console or trying to board in a planetary hanger? What is happening, exactly - your actions, what the game is or isn't doing, etc...

mike_carton's Avatar

09.30.2020 , 03:32 PM | #3
Also, put this in General Discussion forum?
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Tacticool_Iam's Avatar

10.19.2020 , 03:54 PM | #4
You have to go to your hangar in the spaceports or if you're at the fleet go to the elevators in the inner circle of the map (where the cantina is)
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