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Looting Mega Raids

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12.20.2011 , 08:45 AM | #41
Is there no way around said problem using the need greed function? Will have to look later as this a massive pain and as discussed causes major grief for guild raid leaders and I for one after a long day at work do not like dealing with issues that could be rectified with a simple solution.

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12.20.2011 , 01:00 PM | #42

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12.22.2011 , 02:58 PM | #43
Wow, 5 pages of people agreeing, this is an unheard of moment on the interwebbies.

Was it fixed in the patch last night?

hiddenpuudji's Avatar

12.22.2011 , 03:24 PM | #44
haven't tried it today, if fixed ignore...

I totally agree with all the ideas in this thread.

-How was master looter implemented with no /roll? Tested much?

-Star Wars edition dice would be a cool in game feature.

-World Boss required dozens or more (or so I've heard) and how is the loot to be distributed? Need/Greed? Not if I led the raid...

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12.22.2011 , 03:38 PM | #45
Any word if this has been fixed as of today?

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12.23.2011 , 02:05 PM | #46
Please add /roll or such!

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12.25.2011 , 12:01 AM | #47
/roll is needed.

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12.25.2011 , 12:09 AM | #48

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12.25.2011 , 01:24 AM | #49

This is one of many basic MMO tools I was surprised to find lacking in swtor.

-Relique-'s Avatar

01.18.2012 , 12:05 AM | #50
Still not fixed.... Please add asap. Thanks.