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Telekinetic Sage

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12.24.2017 , 10:17 PM | #1
Hello all,

I have recently returned to the game and decided to roll a Tk Sage. I played both advance class knights, some vanilla, some 3.0 and a bit in 5.0. I've never actually played the game seriously, I have gotten level 45 on a Guardian and now I hit 45 on my Sage.

All I've done on my Knights were PvP, and PvE was a joke. I wasn't haven't problems with my Sage either but I now feel extremely squishy and underpowered. I run crafted gear and heroic implants/relics, relative to my level.

I am constantly dying. I have to pop alacity buff and use that crit buff with heals to stay alive. I know I should probably run with a companion but I am trying to keep my crafting current. Any input from Sages? I was going to roll balance and try that disc out.

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12.24.2017 , 11:20 PM | #2
Run with a companion in heal mode. Don't worry too much about leveling up crafting, you'll pick up a lot of companions in KOTFE and be able to level it real fast then.
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12.25.2017 , 07:27 AM | #3
PvE should still be a joke. - use force shield and self heals it should be enough.
PvP is another matter...unless you merc, sniper or mara right now you are playing a fragile class in PvP. Basically use as much range as possible (30m) and never run ahead of other players in a PvP warzone into the battle. Let other players engage the enemy first and you try to hang back and around line of sight corners and obstacles and pew pew from a distance. place a phase walk behind one distant corner pillar or obstacle but run to the opposite one on a map - that way if someone decides to get in you face close and personal you can run a bit away from them (while attacking them of course) and also hit phase walk to get away should your defensives get used up. Of course that is at high level when you finally d0 get phase walk.

At mid tier level this is normal - basically all the classes don't have their best defensives yet and in PvP it is basically a matter of coordinated attack - kill or be killed. But keeping as much distance as possible is always a good tip, especially for a TK sage.
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01.07.2018 , 05:56 AM | #4
Unless, you are fighting level 48-50 mobs, you should not have an issues (regardless of which class you playing).

Sage has a utlity that can incapacitate 3 weak mobs, take it and use your force left when you encounter a ground of mobs that has a strong and an elite and adds.