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Advanced Class Respec Token Request + Rant

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Advanced Class Respec Token Request + Rant

Joysie's Avatar

12.30.2017 , 06:12 AM | #1
I've decided to re-write this forum post as it wasn't very reasonable or constructive in its original form:

Others have asked this previously and I will ask again; will there ever be an 'Advanced Class Respec Token' introduced to SWTOR?

Players who settled on their Advanced Class prior to 5.0 before taking an extended break would have been surprised by some of the changes that have since effected the playstyle for their character and its roleplay feel.

Having a Cartel Store token for 'Advanced Class' respec could be a good thing?

Yezzan's Avatar

01.01.2018 , 04:51 AM | #2
I honestly don't see the need for that when you can literally have every advanced class and spec in the game on the same server.