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Can you make Sorcerer work at all? Looking for advice

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Can you make Sorcerer work at all? Looking for advice

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12.31.2017 , 12:53 PM | #1
So I'm coming back to the game after a roughly 2 year hiatus, and I've always, always played Sorcerer, I was planning to play one again but it seems almost everyone agrees the class is 100% the weakest and not good.

Is this true? Is Sorcerer just weak and no fun anymore? Ideally after all the story stuff, I'd want to do stuff like occasional warzones casual pvp and some story dungeons and stuff, anyone got any advice? I tried Assassin but it was just a bit boring to me, not very flashy. Does Madness Sorcerer not work in PVP anymore? They used to be quite good.

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12.31.2017 , 07:23 PM | #2
Yes, Sorcerer is booty. Melee is meta. go be a bounty hunter or Marauder to be op.

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12.31.2017 , 08:30 PM | #3
As long as you aren't doing MM or some HM OPS, or ranked pvp, sorcs are totally fine. You may get focused a little more in regs than you used to, but as long as you are good at kiting you will be fine.
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12.31.2017 , 08:33 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Spectrox_C View Post
Yes, Sorcerer is booty. Melee is meta. go be a bounty hunter or Marauder to be op.
Not melee, mara is the meta.
Well fury mara, snipers and mercs.

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01.01.2018 , 03:09 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
Not melee, mara is the meta.
Well fury mara, snipers and mercs.
Important distinction made here.

Fury Marauder is what people are calling "Op". I'm not sure I'd agree with that assentment other than the fact that they currently have to the highest DPS. A pure DPS class should have the highest DPS, it makes perfect sense.
If it were just that thought, I don't think people would be complaining for that very reason. It would be idiotic for the highest DPS to come in a class that can "off" role. Off tank, Off heal, etc.

What makes Fury Marauders particularly strong is really about the uptime. Everyone knows the more uptime you have the better the DPS can be. Because Fury Marauders have anti-cc passives they suffer much less downtime to things like stuns, roots, slows, etc. Anyone who parses knows that if you go thru your rotation for 2 minutes than suddenly stop DPSing for 3-5 seconds the DPS starts to drop in leaps and bounds. Begining to DPS again can make the DPS rise again of course, even possibly to the same level it had been before the DPS break, but it can't ever make up the lost damage it wasn't doing for those 3-5 seconds. Have that happen 3 or 4 times during a boss fight, or even more times than that as often can happen in a WZ, that's all damage that is lost and can never be made up. That Fury isn't going through those sorts of downtimes because of passives, that keeps their DPSing more steady and results in less damage lost. Fury has always been a strong spec in PVP because of the anti-cc passives, but, it didn't use to have the higher damage threshold that it has now. Before, while Carnage and Anni not having anti cc passives and thus facing more downtimes they had higher damage than Fury so that helped to even things out some. Now Fury has both the highest burst and potetially even as a high sustained damage as Anni if you calculate the greater uptime Fury will have over anni, this makes the combination of all these factors result in some very strong and stead DPS. You can shut down Carnage and Anni, you can't shut down Fury. Additionally, of all the specs, Fury is the easiest in terms of play style and skill needed to do well with it [it doesn't need much skill at all to do well with it comparatively speaking] Simply put, it has everything going for it.
They shouldn't have higher burst than Carnage and they should clearly do less sustained than Anni. Downtime is the worst enemy of DPS specs and Fury can dance around a lot of downtimes other specs simply can't. They are simply better than the other two specs in almost every possible way to some degree.

Fury Marauder, Merc, and Sniper sounds about right to me, however, comparing Marauder DCDs to Mercs and Snipers isn't even in the same league. Part of what serves to balance the high damage thresholds potential of Marauders is that they have no healing, and you can't DPS when you are dead. Mercs and Snipers have insane amounts of healing potentials for DPS specs. That said, of the melee Specs, no question Fury is on top and is extremely potent now.

In the hands of a skilled player Sorcs can be exceeding potent. Sorcs need to kite and they cannot face tank, but than they are designed for those purposes anyways, no ranged should be. That's where the issue with Mercs and Snipers come in. They don't need to kite and they can face tank for insanely long amounts of time. What it really boils down to for ranged classes is not that Sorcs are too weak but rather that Mercs and Snipers are too strong. Sorc is definitely not an easy class to play well right now compared to other ranged. - As far as healers go, pound for pound, Sorcs are the best healers. - If I have to pick someone to buddy up with, I'll pick a Sorc every single time, they are useful as all hell and I feel they are the best support class in the game. I love em, but, to be fair, I don't have to play one heh so take that with a grain of salt!

It is absolutely possible to make Sorc's work and work well, but, it requires more than an average level of skill to do so, all things being considered and is certainly harder than playing a Merc or a Sniper for Ranged DPS. In this meta you can't say they have it easy.
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