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Survivability of Mr.Sidious

Xargas's Avatar

10.09.2017 , 10:15 AM | #1
It's good that this spec finally gets a buff(even if its in planning), but for f*ck sake..... BUFF SURVIVABILITY!!! please my reasoning for this is because lore wise it doesn't make any sense for them to die so fast, I mean it's a jedi/sith, they should be deadly and pain in the *** to kill. From technical point of view they survivability is the worst by what I've seen, guess who gets first targeted in PvP? Even I who play now assassin so happy to see sage/sorcerer, because it's like a free kill usually. And I like the class, but I just can't play it because it dies like a fly. I will give you and example from WoW, shadow priest was considered caster tank back in a day(don't know how it is now), he had a good survivability and high damage, a little bit lower then other casters of course, but it could still compete in PvE and PvP, people wanted them in both aspects of the game, I played during that period and it was by far the most awesome class for me, so it's possible to balance out the range with good survival skills, and look at your own game, some ranges are pretty good at survival, so how it is that master jedi/sith can't take care of his own skin is beyond me. Thanks for reading.

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10.09.2017 , 01:30 PM | #2
You can't really apply Lore to combat balance. All the non-Sith classes would need to be nerfed to the ground then. Cause it's actually very hard for an agent or a smuggler to kill a Sith 1v1.

Oh, and sniper would just one-shot everyone, so it would make the game *cough* amazing?
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10.10.2017 , 01:22 PM | #3
Not really, it's "heroes" we are talking about, Boba Fet could kill a jedi/sith, Grievous murdered not one jedi, jedi and sith are not that OP as they seem to be

Benets's Avatar

10.11.2017 , 05:53 AM | #4
Seeing sorc in this game. It's not possible Palpatine and Yoda be that good. Palpatine and Yoda both got carried by others, the only explanation possible.

And yes, bioware make dumb things. A glass cannon that's only glass and isnt cannon.

They forgot to implement the cannon part.

To this level of 'paper' sage is, it should be, without question the greatest dps possible. So, he would die fast, but, only but, if he didnt, they should outdps anyone anywhere.
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LrdScorpio's Avatar

11.15.2017 , 11:24 AM | #5
There always seems to be this underlying idea that Jedi and Sith were super heroes that nobody could touch and for the most part that always was completely untrue. There are a handful of force users that get strong enough to be virtually untouchable and there are definitely non-force users who specialise in killing them.

Blitzinger's Avatar

12.27.2017 , 10:49 AM | #6
If you read Darth Plagueis book, you'd know that regardless of Jedi or Sith standing, survivability wasnt great. One part of the book talks about a jedi knight and his apprentice getting destroyed in a matter of seconds by a wreckless dark side acolyte who got them in a surprise attack.

Another example is Plagueis being with a ton of guards going to a meeting and almost dies by non-force users who launched an ambush. He was only saved by Sidious. So the lore is out the window but I made a thread in PvP about how viable a Sorcerer is in PvP since I'm a returning player and reacquainting myself with the game. Should have read here first. Doesn't sound good lol.