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Lightning PvP Feedback

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12.17.2017 , 10:10 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by AdjeYo View Post
Still you're not hitting 12k unless they have some cooldown active or your gear is very suboptimal. The top parse does 19.7k on average with TB, so even with 10% internal dr you should be doing something like 17.7k without recklessness and in the ballpark of 24k with recklessness.
That’s a parse and doesn’t represent pvp play where you can really get a full rotation together. You are also talking about the “top” parses, not the average damage done by TB in a pvp environment.
I average about 14k TB in pvp. I have also crit stupidly high on occasion (highest 36k), but that is so rare as to be an anomaly.
Basically, you can’t compare paring theory to pvp, it’s a completely different environment to pve.

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12.18.2017 , 07:01 PM | #32
Dummy parses apply to pvp perfectly fine. Not the overall dps done on a dummy parse, but the average crit on Thundering Blast on a dummy can easily be applied to pvp. The damage calculations happen in exactly the same way, there's just a few factors to take into account. Dummy don't have internal DR, so you'll have to shave off 10% for that. That is the damage you can expect to get on someone with just the inquisitor buff and no further buffs or DCDs. Now certain classes get some innate dr, but you should still easily be hitting 16k-17k on non tanks with no defensive cooldowns active.
Now sure you can argue defensive cooldowns are obviously used in pvp, but then all abilities are affected by defensive cooldowns, note that I'm quoting these numbers to compare them to other high hitting abilities like Ambush and Heatseakers and thus if I'm not counting defensive cooldowns on those, it makes no sense to do take them account for Thundering Blast.
So don't give me that 'parses don't apply to pvp' nonsense, they absolutely do apply. Comparing average damage done by certain abilities on dummies are a perfectly valid way of calculating their expected damage on players.