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<Hoth Topic> (Republic) (LGBTQ*-friendly~) is recruiting more galactic adventurers!

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<Hoth Topic> (Republic) (LGBTQ*-friendly~) is recruiting more galactic adventurers!

dustinalex's Avatar

09.18.2020 , 03:02 PM | #1
Heyya! Are you looking for a chill, no stress, social and supportive guild with a focus on PVE, PVP and weekly events? Hoth Topic would be more than happy to welcome you along our galactic adventures! We must stress that we are wholly focused on being an LGBTQ* friendly environment/safe space! Our only goal is to have fun! We're more like a family than anything else, honestly!

Hoth Topic operates on a zero tolerance policy for racism and bigotry. Otherwise, there are no requirements! We are open to anyone interested in joining our little corner of the galaxy! Socials, those just looking to soak up guild perks, and anyone just looking to have fun with a supportive and social community!

We also offer a guild Discord server for organization purposes, giveaways, guides and tips, and general hanging out with guildies!

Currently working on Large Yield Planetary Invasions!
There's no application process, just message a member online for an invite!

Best of luck to you, and May the Force be with you, Always.