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What's your fastest Veteran Uprising speedrun?

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What's your fastest Veteran Uprising speedrun?

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01.11.2017 , 04:33 PM | #51
I mean, they need to come out and say if it is an exploit. I won't be doing it if it actually is an exploit, but considering they never came out to say it was an exploit and considering it has a relatively minimal effect (it didn't break the game, was monotonous and still required a lot of work to run said uprising so many times) unlike simpler bugs like making infinite copies of an item or other famous exploits like the Ravagers exploit, which required no work on the part of the exploiter other than acquiring the lockout, which could be stolen from other guilds.

Any form of ban or CXP rollback would be insanity due to the nature of the bug. Anril can kill himself by leaping at the Medical Droid for example, not just actual players. He can leap at companions that get stuck on the stairs, at players that get knocked off of the balcony and automatically respawn. There's countless potential ways for the bug to arise.
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