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Please can you add new decorations/items for old reputation vendors + add new emotes

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Please can you add new decorations/items for old reputation vendors + add new emotes

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05.05.2019 , 11:26 AM | #1
It been a long time there are no new decorations or items for the old reputations vendors. That would be really great if you can add some new things even if it's only 2 or 3 things for these vendors. I admit I didn't do the old events or some old reputations because I already have all items I need.

This is a list of suggestions for new emotes for Disguise Terminal with some new Disguise Terminal types:

Hutt Disguise Terminal:
- Hutt Laugh (like Jabba)

Cantina Dancer Disguise Terminal:
- Bop
- Club Dance
- Dance

Wookie Disguise Terminal:
- Put a weapon for its last emote (there is no weapon)

Disguise Terminal: Republic/Imperial Trooper (SWTOR)l:
- Guard Position

New Disguise Terminal:
- Gamorrean
- Trandoshan
- Selkath
- Selonian
- Killik
- Sand People
- Massassi
- Esh-kha
- Rakata
- Droid
- Ithorian
- Talz
- Duros
- Geonosian

This is a list of suggestions with some ideas you can add for these vendors:

- Reputation vendors:

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY):
- Technician (male)
- Technician (female)

The Voss:
- Voss mystic (male)
- Voss mystic (female)
- Voss citizen (male)
- Voss citizen (female)
- Arrangement: Voss vases

Imperial Guard of Belsavis/Republic Fifth Assault Battalion:
- Dread Guard Disciple
- Dread Guard Assassin

Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada:
- Imperial Combat Pilot (with helmet)
- Republic Shuttle Pilot (with helmet)

Citizens of Makeb/Makeb Imperial Forces:
- Savage Regulator Brawler
- Savage Regulator Specialist

Galactic Solutions Industries:
- GSI Field Researcher
- GSI Trooper
- GSI Battle Droid

Ordnance Acquisition Corps/The Adjudicators (CZ-198):
- Czerka Scientist
- Czerka Combat Specialist
- Czerka Support Officer
- Czerka Containment Droid (guard position)
- Flag: Czerka

The Dread Executioners/Strike Team Oricon:
- Dread guard acolyte
- Dread host trooper
- Dread host tower droid
- Banner: Dread masters

- Weapon: Selka blaster
- Weapon: Selka rifle
- Manaan guard’s armor set
- Decoration: Selkath merchant
- Decoration: Selkath citizen (red)
- Decoration: Selka guard (guard position)
- Decoration: Selkath Droid (with silver skin + guard position)
- Decoration: Selka table
- Decoration: Arrangement Selka crates
- Decoration: Aquarium with Firaxan sharks
- Decoration: Selka light (large)
- Decoration: Selka light (small)
- Decoration: Disguise Terminal: Selka

People of Rishi:
- Revanite marauder
- Revanite footman
- Revanite battler
- Rishi table

Coalition Forces on Yavin:
- Massassi blood warrior
- Massassi conqueror
- Massassi tent

- Medical Droid
- Scientist Tent
- Banner: Ziost

- Event reputation vendors:

Rakghoul Resurgence (T.H.O.R.N):
- Infected Companion Customizations for Lana Beniko + Theron Shan + Koth + Senya
- THORN Soldier (male)
- THORN Soldier (female)
- Rakghoul
- Creature Companion: Nekghoul (120 Rakghoul DNA Canister)

Relics of the Gree (The Gree Enclave):
- pet: Gree Prode Droid
- Tonvarr Gunner
- Tonvarr Scavenger
- Gree Relay Defender
- Creature Companion: Asharl Panther (120 Gray Helix Components)

Bounty Contract Week (Bounty Brokers Association):
- Mandalorian Tracker
- Rattataki Bounty Hunter
- Salky Hound
- Droid Companion: Assassin Droid + (120 Completed Bounty Contract)

ceryxp's Avatar

05.06.2019 , 05:26 AM | #2
I love these ideas. I've wished there were more ways to get personnel decos and this would be a great way to do it.
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05.14.2019 , 08:41 AM | #3
Below's an excerpt from this news article, published on 19 March 2019:
What does this mean going forward?

In general, the system is highly expandable, which opens the doors for our team to create and implement a lot of things that were previously impossible. Something the community has requested for a long time are interactable Stronghold decorations. Imagine your whole Guild meeting up and leaning across the bar, sharing drinks after the latest successful run. While this idea is not a guarantee, it should help paint the picture for things that we can do that never used to be possible!
Suffice to say that the developers are aware this is something a lot of players are after. My fingers are crossed for 6.0 on this, or at least some time soon after.

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06.14.2019 , 07:04 PM | #4
Thank you for the swimwear armor. That was nice.

Now (you knew this was coming)

Can we have some beach type personnel to put on the Rishi beach (both female and male) . Thank you!
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10.22.2019 , 10:31 AM | #5
I think these are great ideas of decos to add to old vendors and would help spice things up!