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PvP Video: Conspiracy - A Shadow's Deceit By Muall

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PvP Video: Conspiracy - A Shadow's Deceit By Muall

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08.07.2014 , 07:02 PM | #1
Posting this on behalf of Maull - one of the best players world wide (IMO) - because he's banned from the forums.

Hey guys,

I decided to make a PvP video with coverage from The Red Eclipse (EU) Server, I have tried my best with it and hope you appreciate it. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I am Muall and I played for Reality Check, which was a PvP guild that become a top tier team throughout the Europe scene on SWTOR which existed on The Red Eclipse and eventually moved to Tomb of Freedon Nadd for 8v8 Ranked Warzones.

Excuse my lack of editing skills and Sony Vegas experience. I have edited the video with what I could, and was able to do. I would also like to point out that the content was taken mostly from previous stream footage, and therefore has some lack of quality within the picture so I hope you can understand.

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Conspiracy - A Shadow's Deceit By Muall

You can check out his other stuff here:

Twitch - Consp1racyy