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Shadow PVP....?

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01.10.2012 , 04:44 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by Jesmcalli View Post
Thanks for the post Reph. I guess I am just not keen on being the errand boy of the WZ, lol. I do many of the things you're talking about. Mind Maze especially. I just get annoyed because I feel helpless when someone focuses on me. I can Force Cloak and run, pretty much. Because pretty much anyone can put out more damage, and take more damage than I can. Sure, sometimes I take someone out, but it's rarely a clean getaway like I see other classes manage. I'll blow all my stuns, CCs interrupts, damage mitigation to win a 1v1 and then get blown away by someone following up. Meanwhile, I see Marauders, Ops, Sorcs, BHs etc etc running amok in WZs right now, not only being tactically useful, but being lethal. I'm just wondering when/where our lethality comes into play.
I see this complaint a lot.

Once you get to 50 and can start planning stats around your playstyle it get much much better. You start dropping people like flies. The T2 PvE stalker set for us has a %15 bonus crit with 4/4 and the 2/2 has force generation with Saber strike. Its really really mean in PvP. I am sitting on I think around %70 Crit bonus and havent even modded out my gear that much. Stacking Surge, Power and Crit just pwns people when popping T2 PvE trinkets as well. I have a 20 second 300 Power one that just murders people when used with my major CDs.

Just to give you some perspective, my Tele Throw (Which I do not use that much) often ticks at 800+ now with CDs popped.

It does get better and the gear at 50 does put you into a position of being able to melt faces damage wise, which could not come at a better time, because being the McGuyver of Warzones does get old after a while.
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01.10.2012 , 05:04 AM | #52
i love shadow class,at first i was not doing any good pvp wise but after so many maches i have enterd i began to learn how to play my class.i see myself top of the charts alot after i get the battle results,the feeling i get is awsome.i read alot on other peoples thoughts and kno everyone has ther 2 cents on what you should do,lots of people have diff perspective so i just listen and sit back then apply what i learnd in warzones to my playstyle.

i also refuse to create an alt untill i masterd jedi shadow^_^ i wanna be one of the good pvpers out ther with this class.

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01.10.2012 , 05:36 AM | #53
Reph, I think my disappointment is as I expressed earlier. Many rolled this AC thinking melee DPS ( after all, it makes sense, stealth melee, light armor, no heals) and instead we got a bait and switch. I'm sure we can pull big numbers in great gear, but less efficiently and with more ramp up time than say, an Op/Sc. I routinely get crit by ranged classes for 4-6k, and often by Ops. I've seen some pretty beast Sith Warriors hitting that hard as well. We get a choice between a tank spec that isn't as good as others, a stealth melee build that isn't as good as a a ranged class' melee build and a weird mid-ranged melee build.

Now, I've had some decent games as balance ( as well as Inf), it comes in handy at times, but I find I lack pressure to take someone down. It all really comes down to effectiveness. Sure, we can play the class and even be great at it, but how much more effective would we ( as players ) be, by merely playing something else? At this point, it seems almost masochistic to play this class, it should have came with a warning label upon creation: " Warning, by creating this class, you'll work twice as hard for half the results, continue?", lol.