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Return of SCORPIO

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02.14.2019 , 05:30 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Zehal View Post
PS: Sorry I got carried away but you did ask? lol
No worries i like these detailed posts. I wouldn't involve PVP though. New PVP mode would be nice, but just as generic stuff. I don't like smashing PVP, and PVE together. Mostly, because i'm a PVE focused loner myself.

The rest however would be interesting. To build your own companion, and own fleet/army. Turn the game into a semi-strategy to take over the galaxy. One way or another. If it were up to me:

First the story part could be reset at any time until you move on to the next part. After that it can only be replayed.

1. The coexistence style. Negotiate peace, and compromise between the factions. You have to kill a few people to ensure, that the selected rulers are willing to cooperate.

2. Sneaky style. Assassinate certain people, and do missions to gain the thrust of the people, and become Sith Emperor, and/or Chancellor of the Republic.

3. Conquest style. Use brute force to show who's boss, and enforce your will.

1. Requires a bunch of missions, and many decisions. You CAN fail it. Most of your companions turns against you on the way without a chance to convince them.

2. Needs to do lots, and lots of side missions to get enough reputation. If you did it in the past, then that much less work for at least one faction. Also certain outcomes in side missions can grant reputation for the other side too. Once you got the reputation you can start your campaing for the Election of the Republic, or slaughter the last opposition among the Sith to take over the throne. The Election also gives a bunch of decisions, and can be failed. The Sith side cannot be failed. You just need to kill more, if you made the wrong decisions. Companions may, or may not like it, but can be convinced, that it's for the greater good.

3. This one requires lots of grinding. However it's always available. Some companions are abandon you if you attack the republic. Some does for the Empire. And a small portion remains loyal no matter what.

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02.14.2019 , 07:15 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by irrevelant View Post
Let's pretend, that she manage to upload herself into Iokath even if you "kill her".
I feel like that doesn't even require pretending very hard, considering she was already interfaced with the main computer when she "dies". Wouldn't be the first time she won best supporting actress for dying-but-actually-uploading-herself-elsewhere.

Wouldn't mind it, either. SCORPIO is one of my favorite companions, and it's rare enough that I don't find her absolutely delightful.

That said, as to how, well, I don't get paid to write video game stories for a living, so I dunno if I'm the type that would have many good ideas. Part of me initially thought they might eventually have a "greatful" SCORPIO eventually send an Iokath-drone-clone to the Alliance to take her place as a foot soldier, or something, but that kinda contradicts her granting all the GEMINIs free will, I feel like. I feel like it'd be out of character for her to give even someone she'd like a "slave droid", as it were.

That said, being as she's now kinda...stuck on Iokath, in a manner of speaking, her "cloning" herself in order to gain better firsthand experience of small scale elements would probably be the best way.

Quote: Originally Posted by Zehal View Post
(Hmmm, that means "The Maching Gods and related content" Flash points/Ops would have to have a solo version so players would know what happens on that confrontation and follow on that story...I think.)
I wasn't under the impression that said Ops had a story other than "There are robots. The robots want to beat you up. Beat up them up instead, and then hollow some pilot seats in their insides so you can be Iokath Voltron." Did they finally add cutscenes and/or context in the year I've been out?

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02.14.2019 , 07:42 PM | #13
Yeah, its quest started by the remainders of the Scions on Iokath where they talk to you and Lana making a spooky prediction...
I haven't been able to finish the ops with any random teams sadly, as apparently the Boss before the last final confrontation is extremely hard...or at the very least the final laser mechanic seem to wipe most of the team almost every time... However their are short scenes in the Ops and I'm sure that you have a final talk with the Scions when you complete it... Maybe someone here has already done it and can tell you more...

NOTE: There is a lot of pieces of lore about these "Machine Gods"...The devs can actually create a full story with it as this Robots are "Sentient" and apparently are able to process/transfer of what looks more like an artificial synthesis of The Force and amplify or bestow others with its powers...mention in Lore and as shown when we fight that lunatic on Nathema.

There is a bit of Lore that also mention that the one who free Zakuul from their Rule and defeated them, was a "Demon Savior" (Valkorion). So if the SWTOR Team wanted there is enoght events happening before the "Outlander" came into the picture to make a starting zone for a new race or class or even have "The Commander" play through...and SCORPIO could be the key to bringing all this awesome mystery and lore to life!

To irrevelant I like your ideas that sounds like a lot of fun to play!