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Unable to load PTS

Meshla_Naast's Avatar

03.20.2020 , 08:26 PM | #1
I have tried to load the PTS several times today, and during other test cycles on the PTS, the last cycle, and this one, I haven't been able to load it at all. It gets stuck loading Main Assets 340, and does not progress. It also locks up my launcher so I have to close it via task manager. Launcher repair has done nothing to fix this issue.

Image at the below link:
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DarkLordSnake's Avatar

05.24.2020 , 07:28 PM | #2
Sadly it seems the devs do not even care to fix it, I've sent in multiple DM's to staff members and submitted a ticket about the whole situation.
It's more hilarious when I got the response back from a customer support member claiming the PTS servers are offline when they're still active.
They won't fix it.
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09.22.2020 , 02:24 PM | #3
I'm having the same issue under Steam with installing Main Assets 360 for PTS 6.1.4. The launcher is sitting at 0%.

Edit: It doesn't matter if I run the launcher in Administrator mode or not. I get the same (hung) result both ways.
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