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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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03.11.2019 , 07:45 AM | #9611
Had a great one on my mando healer. Queue popped almost instantly, and as no one else accepted, I did a quick /who on one of the names. Okay, there's a lvl 70, a lvl 34 and a lvl 20 (all melee), but it's Cademimu, easy.

Zoned in at the start and began to make my way to the rest of the group, they're almost at the first boss. First thing I notice is there is no trash. None. Nothing. All those mobs at the bottom of the elevator? Dead. Okay, fine. Can happen.

First boss. Lvl 70 starts on Officer Xander, lvl 34 waits for the droid to activate, just jumping up and down like some kind of demented grasshopper. Lvl20 has no idea what to do and starts on the driod as soon as it activates. Long story short, Lvl 20 somehow gets themselves stuck in the box and the lvl 34 gets frozen, lvl 70 kills the boss.

We get to the Wookiee, with our lvl 34 falling off of platforms twice and complaining when they have to run back from the spawn point, then faceplanting at the bottom of the elevator before the boss.

On to the Wookiee. Lvl 70 mentions that it should be easy to keep the adds on the boss as they are all melee and the boss's flamethrower will kill them off quck enough.


They spawn and the lvl20 manages to aggro them all. And off he goes, taking them all on a grand tour of Cademimu. Of course, with him being a low level, they make short work of him and he dies about half a mile away from the rest of us (and by the way, if you are reading this and recognise yourself Mr. Lvl20, no, the healer does not suck if they don't chase you to heal you when you decide to run away). Boss is dead by this point, but we have to wait for the adds to run back to us so we could kill them.

Lvl 70 helpfully points out (again) that it's better to keep the adds on the boss next time, so they die quicker.

All the trash has to die on the way to last boss, because reasons, I guess. Lvl 34 runs off of the edge of the elevator and dies, yet again. It is at this point I can almost see the will to live ebbing away from the other lvl 70.

We get to the last boss and the lvl34 leaps in, locking out the lvl20. Our jump happy puller either doesn't see message to bring the boss to the safe corner, or just outright ignores it, so the lvl 70 and I just wait for the inevitable to happen. But, not only does our hero decide to stand in the fire, he actively runs into it, dragging the boss with him.

Why? Because "the fire worked in manaan"


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03.11.2019 , 01:08 PM | #9612
Did an SnV 16m the other night--pugged entirely from fleet other than one guildie. Everything is going great despite a couple dps either jumping ahead or accidentally pulling by standing too close to mobs before the tank gets there, but nothing too time-consuming or annoying. People seem in good humor. Then we get to that market area with the annoying spreadout trash mobs. The Stimfiends are doing a number on us without focus, and some people kept getting knocked into separate mobs. There was a couple wipes due to this bit of disorganization. One of the healers makes a snide remark and "disconnects." Once people stop running back and engaging, I just mark the targets and now that we're more organized it goes easily.
We proceeded to one-shot the rest of it.

It always amazes me the people that quit the first moment something goes bad, especially when it was going well up to that point and we just needed to catch our breath for a sec and organize, and then they miss out on an easy clear because of their impatience. It happens a lot in PvP and now I see it a lot in Ops.

Coincidentally a bit ago I was in a 16m HM SnV and half the group is made of awesome NiM raiders. We're destroying everything, one tiny thing goes awry with a single trash mob and some mild arguing about pulling first, a fourth of the group quits instantly with some snide/rage comments, we fill their spaces quickly, and proceed to destroy the rest of the op like it was nothing.

I just don't get how they think they're saving time by quitting so quickly at the very first sign of trouble.
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03.11.2019 , 06:48 PM | #9613
Why? Because "the fire worked in manaan"
This made me chuckle. I love how he tried to apply the idea from another boss to a different one but was ultimately wrong.
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03.12.2019 , 02:51 AM | #9614
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
So I had a pretty weird experience yesterday, I'm just returning to Flashpoints and endgame grinding recently so I decided to queue for Master Mode FPs. Ended up getting a pop for Mandalorian Raiders with all level 70s except one of the DPS and the group was geared well enough for it, thought to myself "Ha, this will be easy. Thank God it's not Blood Hunt." boy how wrong I was.

We enter and mostly kill trash without too many issues, but once we got to the first boss... I try to follow the usual tactics but the DPS have trouble keeping aggro on the dogs, the healer keeps moving around trying to stay away from one of the dogs. And the group itself doesn't seem to stay in one place which then makes me have to also do my best to keep the boss away from the group so the AOE won't hit them or boost the dogs' damage. That doesn't work out, I noticed the DPS weren't also focusing target so their DPS were spread out on the dogs, turns out one of the DPS didn't knew the fight mechanics I proceed to explain them after we wiped, then marked the dogs. The next try ends pretty quickly, one of the DPS dies. Then she quits, the healer quits and the other DPS quits.
In such cases I call Lana and keep solo Sometimes impossible, but I'm sure I finished mandolorians in same situation alone. Takes time, but gives all rewards/quest at the end as it was group.
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03.12.2019 , 10:03 AM | #9615
Quote: Originally Posted by alexzk View Post
In such cases I call Lana and keep solo Sometimes impossible, but I'm sure I finished mandolorians in same situation alone. Takes time, but gives all rewards/quest at the end as it was group.
Not sure if I could personally solo, maybe. But I just bailed and queued for another one, next time I guess I'll try to solo.
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