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retelling of bane and zhana's meeting

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retelling of bane and zhana's meeting

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10.23.2020 , 04:18 AM | #1
A sith warlord stalks the desolate streets looking for his next victim. The air is thick with bloodlust, and fear, and hatred, he follows it like a bloodhound. He comes up on a duo sitting on the ground a sith psycho lovingly caresses a young fit blond ladies hair as he playfully says just let me take one and i'll let you go. All i need is one, tears well in the young girls eyes "ok" she eeks out, the smile on the psychos face widens as the ether is filled with the words "I wonder how many i can get" "this guy is ****ed up". The warlord creeps closer as the psycho lifts the young ladies finger to his lips "it feels rougher than it did a second ago" he thinks as a startled gasp escapes the young girls throat as the warlord fades into the visible spectrum. The psycho is shocked to see he holds a known warlords finger in his hand, just inches from his lips the warlord smiles "you know me". Tears well in the psycho's eyes as the force wraps around him, rough and as quick as lightning he is slammed to the ground, lifted in the air and pinned against a nearby wall, his arms outstretched, his palms up. The warlord pulls a vibroknife from his belt as he moves closer jamming it firmly through the psycho's wrist into the wall the psycho's fingers curl in pain. A slight chuckle emits from the warlords throat as he sees the fingers curl in pain. He pulls another vibroknife from the other side and jams it through the left wrist, firmly cruscifying the psycho to the wall. A small smirk curls up on his lips as he watches the fingers curl, and hears the psycho wince in pain. He hasn't stopped begging since he recognized the warlord, the warlord can't help but feel a little sexually charged. Not that it matters that the psycho is cruscified to the wall the warlord just likes to see his pain. The warlord wont let him move, hes firmly holding him against the wall with the force. A lullaby starts playing through the force as colors explode in the psychos and the young girls minds a song of love that a mother would sing to her beloved newborn whilst putting her down for her nap. "That you bane? *** man again" "bane really!?!" "hello lady dark i'm just putting a baby to sleep don't mind me as always I love you, your beauty knows no limits physical and mental alike." "A delicious smile fills banes mind" "the truth is the truth" "I agree with him dark lady" another smile, this one far away something else has caught the dark lady's attention, she gives bane a wave and moves away. For the first time in his life the psycho is completely aware of the force the with the tears come harsh choaking half screaming cries as the warlord pulls another vibroknife from his belt the tone of the lullaby gets ever more sweet and gentle as the vibroknife makes its way into the psycho's abdomen, the warlord makes a long cut across his lower stomach. "" "hahahaha really bane your a *********** dick" comes echoing across the warlords mind, making the smirk on his face turn into a fullblown joyful embrace to the psycho. The warlord slips on some gloves and reaches into the psychos abdomen pulling out a tangled mess of intestines, letting them drop to the ground. Shrieks echo through the force the begging has stopped. The warlord raises the the intestines to the psychos lips overtaking his mind, opening his mouth, and inserting the intestines. The psycho begins to chew, the shrieks sound a lot like begging. "Oh my goodnessd haha bane." The warlord puts more of the intestines in the psychos mouth, releasing his mind, and raising the vibroknife to his throat "" chew he says lovingly. The psychos screams fill the force as his teeth sink down into his intestines. His mind is screaming, colors fill his vision, stars are everywhere. "Isn't the universe beautiful" a womans voice echos through the psycho's mind. The lullaby abruptly stops as he drops the intestines to the ground, "swallow" he says harshly. A choked swallow attempt comes next "I can't" the psycho can no longer speak at all but bane can hear his thoughts. "Yes you can" he says as he rares back. "Aie... ha... ha... ha... ha ... ha" screams through the force, as the warlord echoes the sith warcry through the force. The young girl has been in a trance since the lullaby first danced into her mind, lady dark sings to her songs of love. The warlords fist quickly closes the distance again and again until the psychos face looks like ground beef, his mouth hangs open, intestines drip playfully from his lips, silenced moans creep from his throat, his life much too slowly fading. The warlord pulls an incindiary grenade from his belt as the lullaby starts echoing through the force once again " ..... la.... la" oh so lovingly. This time a man's smile finds its way into the warlord's mind "damn Bane". He takes a step back and bursts the grenade against the psychos chest, flames envelope the psycho's entire body as a silenced scream drizzles into the air, now the begging is for death not life. Turning to the entranced girl who is still lost in lady darks love songs, but she's been watching. "Hi i'm Bane" "dear Bane wants to speak with you." The girl snaps out of her trance as everything she just witnessed fills her mind. A scream boiles into her throat and erupts, mixed emotions of unadulterated horror, fear, joy, and love of the dark lady intertwine, Bane begins to laugh. As the scream fades he looks into her beautiful amber eyes for the first time and now HE'S entranced. "Hi.... i'm bane" he says his smile widening.