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I lost a hole lot of dekoration!

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I lost a hole lot of dekoration!

ErikTheNoob's Avatar

07.18.2019 , 04:59 AM | #1
Help plz
I play as a trooper and i you know that you can remove every dekoration in the room, I did exectly that and almost all my flashpoint trophies disappeared so did also one of the companians (Elara Dorne) as a dekoration. I did also lose the Giant statue that you get from the story flashpoint false empire And more.

So if someone know what i can do. write back plz

Xina_LA's Avatar

07.18.2019 , 12:36 PM | #2
When you check your decoration inventory, does it say you have 0 of the items unlocked? (IE: 0/0)
Or does it say that you have none available? (IE: 0/1)
Or do they not show up in the inventory, even when you select All categories with no filters?

If it says you have none unlocked -- it shows in inventory but you have 0/0 -- file a ticket. Tech support has helped me with this in the past.

If it says you have none available -- you see it in inventory but you have 0 of however many unlocked -- it's used somewhere. It may be hiding inside another object or in a wall or in another stronghold, but you still have it.

If you don't see them in inventory at all -- there's no listing when all filters are removed -- quit the game and log back in. If you've been using the Search box, you've probably hit a known bug. Sometimes when you clear the Search box, it doesn't really clear the filter. You can either restart the game (relogging isn't enough), or you can type and clear a space in the Search box. The later is only a partial fix, because now you're only matching decorations with two or more words in the name.

I hope that helps!
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