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<S I N G U L A R I T Y> Recruitment now open

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<S I N G U L A R I T Y> Recruitment now open

cptrobbo's Avatar

10.20.2013 , 04:30 AM | #1
We are a casual guild located on The Red Eclipse. We are an exclusively Republic guild Looking for all classes age 18+

We focus on PvE mostly however we do have members who enjoy the PvP aspect of SWtOR, so we try to cater to your many needs. We run several operations a week both normal and hard mode depending on the people that sign up, there level and gear requirements. PvP is going on at almost every point of the day. However we will also have dedicated weekly PvP events, including Warzone and Arena nights. With the imminent arrival of the new space based PvP and PvE additions, you will be assured plenty of action with S I N G U L A R I T Y.

The main aim of the guild is to have fun and enjoy the company of good people. We will have many events to enable the guild members to hang out with and get to know each other.



PvP Teams

Levelling Evenings

Holocron Searches

S I N G U L A R I T Y is an open and helpful guild, where everyone can voice their opinions no matter what rank or how long you have been there. The guild is there to service its members. If you need help with something or just a little advice on the game, then do not hesitate to ask anyone. If they can, they will help.

We currently have a lot of real life friends / families with us so why not add to our ranks!! There is nothing better than a vibrant & close community of people with likeminded goals. So help us make it great for all involved.

If you want more info please go to

Thanks for taking the time to read the post.

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10.20.2013 , 07:26 AM | #2
Wrong forum area this if talking about starwars, you want server forums