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!!!Spoiler Alert!!!! Revans Final Battle ?

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!!!Spoiler Alert!!!! Revans Final Battle ?

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04.02.2013 , 12:59 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by WillCaedes View Post
1) Its "EMPEROR" Not Imperirer, or Empirer, nor Empyrer. E-m-p-e-r-o-r.

2) The Imperial versions of Revans flashpoints provide plenty of closure story for Revan. You whack-a-mole with your sabers on him, he knocks you back, he tries to show you "the power of the force in balance." Then proceeds to use a crap ton of dark side abilities... (force storm, force lightning...not one Jedi move, VERY "balanced" Bioware). Anyways minor rant at Bioware aside, you essentially kill Revan, thus killing off your idea for a come back for revan and thus, please refer to point 3, section a, line 1

3) a) /thread
no body no death