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So who are your current active companions?

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So who are your current active companions?

AhsokaTanorules's Avatar

05.19.2019 , 11:39 AM | #1
When playing a character, who do you always like to bring as the active companion fighting by your side, particularly the one who you feel has the best rp/lore sync with him/her? For me:

LS female Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen (the only one denying canon since she canonically hasn't come back yet), my JK's sister in battle. If I were to choose a canon companion it would be Senya Tirall, both are disciplined female fighters and have a history with Valkorion.

LS Male JC: Nadia Grell, at long last his love interest has finally returned.

DS Female Smuggler: Nico Okarr, sees him as a role model...too bad he isn't romanceable

DS Female Trooper: Shae Vizla, despite the faction clash can respect a fellow female fighter as tough and gritty as her and could grow to respect or even like her.

DS Male SW: Akhgal Usar, his right hand dark side beast enforcer (and I always felt Khem Val would have been better for him than my SI))

LS Female SW: Vette, sees her as the ray of sunshine that brought some light to her darkness and could see her as a worthy sidekick if she ever goes independent.

DS Female SI: Lana Beniko, is fond of her despite her wickedness and appreciates her beauty, intellect and knowledge of the Sith ways.

DS Male BH: Kaliyo Djannis, this smarmy female outlaw fits him as a glove (gosh darn it Bioware make her romanceable for non agents)

LS Female Agent: Vector Hyllus, glad to be reunited with her love.

MikeCobalt's Avatar

05.19.2019 , 05:14 PM | #2
For my main/ first the Gunslinger; I like All of the companions.
Corso was first so he got the longest amount of time
Bowdaar and Risha have strong ties with the Star Wars characters plus I like Risha's sarcasm (Actually they're just semi funny insults).
Guss, I do like his humor.
Akaavi, she is the offset to the class but every class has one. She's a bit of an outsider but I like her just the same.
During that time all of the comps had their dedicated roles and the progression was much harder/ longer so I had plenty of time to spend with each companion, it was necessary.

My S.I. didn't come until much later after the companions changed, class stories made simpler to speed players to Zakuul so I didn't spend much time with Each companion.
Andro is the only comp I run with for that character; he wears the stormtrooper armor and that's the closest I can get to the escorting soldiers Darth Vader usually had.

My Jedi used to run with Kira a lot but he went straight to Zakuul after completing the class stories so now its only T7 and to be honest, I like that.

FlameYOL's Avatar

05.20.2019 , 07:57 AM | #3
I mostly play with Lana as she's my SI's right-hand as well as his romance option, I do like to use Khem Val sometimes as well since he was my Inquisitor's closest allies before KOTFE and is still loyal to him to this day.

My Sith Warrior likes to use her husband Malavai Quinn.

My LS SI uses Andronikos as its her romance option.

My Agent uses Kaliyo as its his romance option and he genuinely thinks she's a resourceful fighter.

My bounty hunter uses her husband Torian as its her romance option and she prefers to fight side-by-side with another Mandalorian.

My Jedi Consular uses Qyzen for his experience in fighting and hunting but now has been using Nadia Grell, the RP reason being he loves her and wants her close but also wants her to get more combat experience under his watch.
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Shayddow's Avatar

05.26.2019 , 03:23 PM | #4
For my LS Female BH her husband Torian or Akaabi.
For my DS Female SW Xalek or HK-51.
For my LS male agent Theron or Aric Jorgan. (He romanced Temple, but she doesn't make as good a healer as the aforementioned, or at least it seems that way.
For my DS female agent HK-51. but she wishes that a male Chiss was able to be obtained as a companion.
For my DS male inquisitor Lana.
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Tashha, 75 Svgon, 75 and too many others to list here

HollyUSEC's Avatar

05.27.2019 , 11:03 AM | #5
Almost all my characters use different "main" companions.

DS Guardian: Mostly ZO-0m, sometimes Shae, sometimes Doc
LS Sentinel: Rusk, T7, Lana

LS Sage: Iresso, Nadia, sometimes T7 or Lana
LS Shadow: still doing class stories but will probably focus on Nadia and (non-canon) Tharan or Zenith

LS Commando: Yuun, Theron, Aric
Neutral Vanguard: Shae (to be different), Elara

DS Scoundrel: Original smuggler companions plus Talos Drellik and Senya
LS Gunslinger: Original smuggler companions

DS Juggernaut: Lana, Vette, Pierce
LS Marauder: Vette, Pierce

DS Assassin: Andronikos, Ashara, Talos
LS Sorcerer: Not fully committed yet

LS Powertech: Mako, Gault, Blizz, sometimes Torian
LS Mercenary: Torian, Gault, Blizz, Koth

LS Sniper: Senya, Deadeye Leyta, Choza Rabaat, sometimes Kaliyo
DS Operative: Mostly Kaliyo but not entirely committed yet
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OlBuzzard's Avatar

05.27.2019 , 11:43 AM | #6
1. LS JK: Still waiting on the return of Kira. For now is relying upon HK-55 / Vett and Lana B.
2. LS Commando: Lana B opr HK-55
3. LS JC: Nadia Grell
4. LS Smuggler: Lana B or HK-55 . Although to be perfectly candid... I'd like to see another new human female to go with Smuggler.

Truthfully NONE of the current companions are really that "active". Lana has had more cut scene time than almost any other character out there. Which IMO ... all major companions need a LOT more attention.

OldVengeance's Avatar

05.29.2019 , 01:39 PM | #7
Jedi Consular: Nadia. They're finally together again, and after they realized their feelings for eachother, Nadia promised her they don't have to lose any more time together. Every so often, she briefly switches to Arcann, Iresso and Qyzen, though.

Sith Warrior: Jaesa. He is finally reunited with his wife. And if there's anything they love doing together, it's destroying the Jedi. Vette is his best friend, though, so sometimes she comes out too.

Jedi Knight: His wife Kira isn't back yet, so he tends to stick with Rusk, T7, or Choza Raabat.

Smuggler: Bowdaar, (although that's because she hasn't yet reached the part of the story where Corso and Risha return).

Trooper: M1-4X, usually. Although he does like to bring out Elara, Jorgen and Yuun, too.

Imperial Agent: Lana is her love interest, so mostly her. Although she also tries to spend time with her old companions as they become available.

Bounty Hunter: Mostly his wife, Mako. Although, sometimes Torian and Blizz too.

Inquisitor: Khem Val, I guess?

JuventusAndFCK's Avatar

06.02.2019 , 03:44 PM | #8
The only class I feel like I'll turn from most of the original team would be smuggler. I actually like most of the groups, but with my smuggler the only companion that really fits her is Risha. They are of a similar mind, adventerous saboteurs with a heart of gold when it comes down to it. Would totally romance if it was available, unfort I can't stand the male smuggler VA.

Anyway, she would totally hang with Gault and Vette. If the story allowed it she would surely escape the whole eternal alliance nonsense with the two of them and Risha/Akavi/Mako and just go back to smuggling and thieving, maybe even take up bounty hunting.