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Missing options in story missions??

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Missing options in story missions??

Iceslasher's Avatar

02.08.2019 , 06:37 PM | #1
Ok .So i have been subbed since launch..and a couple of things bother me about my class missions..Like on an Inquisitor...We USED to be able to purchase the wine bottle from the dancer ( it was a pain and expensive) but we did it because we were lightside which also ment no torturing of the said dancer plus we could Also find Andronikos Revels Blasters. Neither options are available now...Anyone else notice this...Secondly on the Imperial Agent..when dealing with Watcher X..we Used to be able to meet him at his ship and then you could choose to let him go there...That was a lightside option at the time ( you know the bomb in his brain) . You choose not to be bribed but are willing to help him anyways...I also killed Darth Jaedus on my original Agent ( Really hard ..may have been a bug not sure) point is you can't do any of this anymore...does anyone else find this stuff missing from their missions??? Just wondering.....