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KOTET opinion and Vette or Torian choices (SPOILERS)

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KOTET opinion and Vette or Torian choices (SPOILERS)

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08.23.2017 , 09:43 AM | #141
This is just bad form a technical stand point as no matter who we choose we loose both because there is no way either one that lives can be used in a major way for future story's as either once can be dead so we relay lose both of them in that will never see the one that lives ever again accept in game-play with random side missions were they say nothing.

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01.28.2019 , 11:57 PM | #142
I chose to save Torian without hesitation mostly because he is a Mandalorian and a good warrior while Vette is just a tomb looter Twilek. I also have problems with Vette mostly because she is a Twilek an overpopulated race in the galaxy who are literally everywhere and she is infiltrating the holy planet of the Sith. Same thing with the Twileks in Kalikori village on Tython. What are they doing on Tython, in a legends book the planet would become unstable by the presence of non-force users.

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01.29.2019 , 08:38 PM | #143
Quote: Originally Posted by TitanDudeC View Post
Same thing with the Twileks in Kalikori village on Tython. What are they doing on Tython, in a legends book the planet would become unstable by the presence of non-force users.
Play the Agent story, it explains the (real) reason they are there.


As for Tython becoming unstable, this is the first I've heard of that, and it doesn't make any sense in the slightest. There have been non-Force Users on Tython for as long as it's been populated.
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02.01.2019 , 07:32 AM | #144
I didn't looked up either, but i played enough games to know what's about to happen. It was so damn obvious the moment you had to chose who to save. To me there was not surprise at all.

Btw. If i were made the game, then you would have faced so much more choices like this. I would have killed half of your companions. I really hope, that at some point we can get rid of at least part of them, because there are way too many of them.

The reason i saved Vette was quite simple. We got tons of soldiers around, but master thieves with her skills are rare.

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02.01.2019 , 11:54 AM | #145
Quote: Originally Posted by americanaussie View Post
The other companion thing has been addressed so many times now. They ARE bringing them back it's just player feedback demanded a tighter story in kotet and unfortunately this meant no returning companions. Yep people complained. BW listened. Charles says he very much wants to bring them back ASAP. my guess is either between next xpac or in the next one. Don't lose hope on that.
This, I think what our fellow friend said is what happen. I have felt the same way... I play as a Darth Imperious, however Im sure by this time Darth Nox players has enough power and mastery over the force to stop Vaylin from killing her or reviving her in front of Vaylin eyes to shut her up, so I can agree with a lot of players being extremely upset to not being able to display or show off their leech and accumulated power with saying something cheesy as: "I can't save my own subjects huh? (revive companion in scene) You have underestimate me and my power for the last time!".

So don't lose hope, I'm kinda exited to see where the SWTOR team takes us in the story with this new IMPS vs PUPS conflict content.

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02.14.2019 , 03:41 PM | #146
Nice to see this thread again. After gritting teeth and playing a few characters through these chapters, my split is pretty even on who to choose. The way I look at it now is that it doesn't matter who we save anymore because anyone with a kill option is basically dead in this game. So I just roll the dice and pick one then retrieve the other from the companion terminal. It saddens me that they even had these choices to begin and I get why. It created drama and dynamics to the story especially when it concerns a love interest's life on the line. I have had to just learn to deal with it and hope the survivors are still going to be included in future stories.
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03.01.2019 , 01:32 PM | #147
Quote: Originally Posted by Stultophobe View Post
I may be one of the few Warriors who chose to sacrifice Vette. I didn't need to read gen chat or watch YT videos to know that I was choosing which character would die. I played Mass Effect I. This was Virmire all over again.

Wasn't an easy decision, but I still believe saving Torian was the right choice. While I do like Vette more as a character, and while my Warrior may have been closer to her, a leader has to maintain objectivity. There is little room for sentiment in war. At the end of the day, Vette's individual expertise and charm is simply outweighed by the need for influential loyalists in the Mandalorians who are ready to die for your cause. Vette is easily replaced, and that's just the cruel reality. On some level, it's precisely because I knew that she would not take her death with dignity that I chose to sacrifice her. She's simply not the type of person (my) Alliance needs.
This is exactly why my BH chose Torian over Vette. She's adorable. I love her personality, but Torian is a Mandalorian and my BH is as well, not by birth, but by winning The Great Hunt. Torian has fought by his side through so many battles during the story, that it makes sense that my BH is going to save his 'brother'. I didn't like to see Vette die, but it didn't make sense to sacrifice Torian for a cute, sassy talking Twilek.
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03.01.2019 , 01:45 PM | #148
Quote: Originally Posted by LordNythrax View Post
My warrior never let Vette out of the collar and shocked her every time she opened her mouth. When the time came he saved Torian even though he barely knew him. Then he stood over Vette's corpse and laughed at Vaylin for thinking he would care that she died.

F**k Vette, they try way too hard to make you like her.
LOL! NICE. I wish I could let more of my inner bad guy out. My BH made more than a few darkside choices, but only those that went along with his philosophy of being a bounty hunter and not a hired killer (he choose to make a distinction). I feel I should make a darkside character but don't know if I can stomach all the dark side choices. I saved Torian too, since it just makes more sense for my BH to help his Mandalorian brother... plus Vette was only at maybe level 5 influence while Torian is 30. No way am I throwing away a high influence character.
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Dezzerey - 37 gunslinger